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Chemtech International Awarded Master Pharmaceutical Distributor By MFG Tray

Chemtech International President Neel Daphtary attended the BIO International Convention held in Philadelphia, PA on June 16, 2015 to receive the distinguished award as Master Pharmaceutical Distributor by MFG Tray, a division of Molded Fiber Glass Corporation.

After receiving the award designation, Mr. Daphtary said, “We are proud of the relationship we have built with MFG Tray over the years and we are looking forward to continuing to grow the business internationally as the company’s master pharmaceutical distributor.”

MFG Tray’s President and General Manager John Thompson said the award designation of master pharmaceutical distributor was based on Chemtech’s market growth, continuing focus on customer satisfaction and their long-term relationship.

Mr. Thompson said that Chemtech had been vital in helping to build the MFG Tray brand recognition worldwide due to the strength of their award-winning distributor network. He also cited Chemtech’s knowledge of today’s complex freight systems and worldwide distribution requirements as integral to the success of MFG’s pharmaceutical line.

Common destinations for MFG Tray’s pharmaceutical line include Europe, Africa, Asia, India, South America, and Australia. This is the first time in the history of the MFG Tray Company that it has named a master pharmaceutical distributor. The designation means the Chemtech team is a trusted and valued partner and broadens Chemtech’s opportunities and responsibilities with MFG Tray.

The pharmaceutical line of products manufactured by Molded Fiber Glass Tray (MFG Tray) are used worldwide in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biotech, vaccine, lyophilization, and veterinary science markets.

Larry Acker, MFG Tray Pharmaceutical Product Line Manager, said “for over two decades, Chemtech has represented the MFG Pharmaceutical line with pride and enthusiasm. Through many years of diligent service, sales performance, and pharmaceutical focus, Chemtech has earned this title of distinction. Their knowledge and history with the MFG product line, their understanding of our corporate philosophy and customer needs, align them perfectly with our future goal of continued global expansion.”

This is not the first distinguished honor for Chemtech International, which has been distributing high-quality products, systems and technologies for 31 years to more than 50 countries around the world in the categories such as containment berms, chlorine valves, water testing and waste water treatment, pharmaceutical trays, and more. Previously, ChemTech has won the Pennsylvania Governor’s Export Excellence Award, the US Department of Commercial Services Export Achievement Award, and most recently, was a 2015 Governor’s ImPact Award winner in the Export Category.

MFG Tray is a Linesville, PA-based division of Molded Fiber Glass Companies established in 1952. It was the first manufacturer to mass-produce commercial products using polyester resins and fiber glass reinforcements. The company continues to be a world leader in providing composite product solutions to material handling problems in the Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Food Service and Confectionery markets.

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