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If your facility uses compressed gas cylinders and ton containers, you will need a durable set of chlorine valves. But choosing the right chlorine valves for your facility can be challenging for some site managers. You might not know which brand to choose or how to judge between one kind of valve and another. We’ll take a look at the best chlorine valves to use in the compressed gas industry, from mining and welding to alternative energy.

Optimal Performance for Less

The trick for most facility managers is to find chlorine valves that offer lasting quality assurance without an exorbitant price tag. Every facility manager needs to think about cost when finding supplies for their facility, but buying subpar products usually means the facility will need to replace them over and over again, which will increase the site’s overhead expenses.

As a facility manager, you can save money by buying chlorine valves that can last the test of time, ensuring that your facility only needs to buy these products once. Sherwood valves offer lasting quality assurance. They are manufactured with the latest industry technologies to make sure they will not degrade over time. The company uses infrared thermal imaging throughout the manufacturing process to maintain the highest possible standards for their products. Every valve component is made with rods and raw forgings, designed by the company’s top engineers. These components increase durability and the lifespan of the product, keeping your facility’s operating expenses as low as possible.

Safety and Industry Compliance

As a facility manager, the lives of your employees are on your shoulders. You cannot afford to expose your staff to the harmful effects of chlorine by using poorly made valves. Certain valves from less-than-reputable manufacturers may degrade over time, leading to chlorine and gas leaks that can damage your facility, endanger the lives of your employees, and impact the surrounding environment. This can lead to costly cleanup measures, lawsuits, regulatory issues with the federal government, and bad publicity for your facility or the company.

To avoid issues like these, you need to choose chlorine valves that are up to the standards of the compressed gas industry. The FDA has outlined its safety requirements for facility managers in the ISO 9001. Sherwood valves have been designed to comply with the standards set by all regulating bodies in the compressed gas industry, including the Compressed Gas Association, the Chlorine Institute, and Underwriters Laboratories. Meeting these standards will give you and your employees more peace of mind.

Putting Your Trust in a Brand Name

To simplify the buying process, it helps to partner with a reputable chlorine valve manufacturer that has a history of safety and performance in the compressed gas industry. Sherwood has been a leader in the compressed gas industry for decades, going above and beyond industry safety regulations to ensure quality products for its customers. You can take the guesswork out of maintaining your facility by choosing Sherwood chlorine valves every time.

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