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The concept of ‘not in my back yard’ is a powerful one. We understand the need for industry, for civil and private engineering projects, and for other facilities and amenities that help support a functioning society. However, we do not want this industry to infringe on the livability of our own homes.

This is understandable of course; all of us have a right to feel safe, secure and comfortable in our own property. A hundred or so years ago, this would have been tough luck. Without the technology in place to manage odor, noise, and general disruption, local residents would have had no choice other than to stick it out or move. However, things have changed.

We are now in a new era of industry and community living side by side. No longer do these two entities battle against one another for space and supremacy. Instead, they support each other, thanks, in part, to odor control.

The Importance of Odor Control

Even in 2017, industrial and agricultural odor continues to make headlines. As recently as January 2017, the Illinois Department of Agriculture stepped in to halt the progress of two proposed hog farms in the Fithian area because of concerns regarding unpleasant odors in the area.

In the same month, the team behind North Carolina alternative energy initiative were pressed on which odor control measures they would be taking for their planned waste steam energy plant in Farmville, NC. Both of these cases underline how much of a big deal odor control still is for those who must live alongside industry.

Sadly, odor is often relegated in terms of importance. A busy road opening close to a school is going to bring with it an array of safety concerns, while a construction site next to a residential area may generate worrying levels of noise. Odor is often not deemed to be so much of a concern.

However, this is unfair. Industrial odor and other unpleasant pollutants in the air can make life a living hell for residents. This is why odor control is so vital.

Odor Solutions

Businesses and industries of all sizes can produce odors, and these odors can have a major impact on the well-being of residents in the area. Fortunately, there are solutions at hand.

Here at Chemtech, we recommend the use of solutions like OdorGone, which utilizes a blend of 37 natural essential oils that work to neutralize, rather than mask, odors. The treatment works with odors from a range of different industries – including aircraft cleaning, wastewater treatment, recycling and other waste management endeavors.

We also provide industry with the means of containing odors and ensuring a healthy, safe environment for employees, workers at nearby facilities, and for residents of communities nearby.

The idea, here, is not that vital industries and public services are hidden from the communities they are designed to support, but that they can co-exist alongside one another. This is what our society needs in order to function at its best; harmony.

For more information on how your business can ensure positive odor control, or to see how Chemtech’s other products can assist your organization, browse the product pages or get in touch with a member of the team for direct advice.