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When a client, customer, or worker first enters a facility, they’re going to naturally perceive things through their senses. This goes a lot of different ways, from what they see to what they hear to what they can smell. No matter how much effort you put into creating a safe and pleasant workplace, if there’s some sort of strange odor going on, it’s going to supersede anything you do and raise some red flags. Here are some ways that you can get ahead of these potential issues.

No one knows odor issues better than the cleaning professionals who tackle these on a daily basis, who Clorox reached out to in order to do a survey. 79% of the professionals said that removing odor from the air was their biggest cleaning challenge. In addition, they noted that garbage and restroom odors were both the most difficult to remove and the most likely to lead to complaints.

The first thing you need to do as a facility manager or cleaning professional is determine what type of odor you are dealing with. This will determine the ideal response for your situation. For example, many odors are simply daily issues, like an overflowing garbage can or a high-traffic area like a public restroom. Here, your main method of combating this is a rapid and regimented cleaning strategy. Make sure you identify areas of high traffic and have professionals checking and servicing them multiple times a day.

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In other cases, though, your odor issues may be caused by an incidental situation. This can range from a number of situations, from something innocuous like misuse of a cleaning product to something more dangerous like a gas leak. Here, you need to be able to determine as quickly as possible what the root cause is. There’s technology for these purposes. In addition, you also need to try and figure out what types of cleaning product either you or your cleaning services are going to use, such as OdorGone. The obvious thing to do is try to eliminate the source of the odor, but you may also need to invest in stopgap measures while you wait for lingering odors to go away. In some cases, this may mean absorbing products like baking soda, or using chemical neutralizers. This is good for complex odors like smoke.

Strange and unpleasant odors and smells can range from a mild displeasure to a harbinger of potential danger, but one area where these two issues come together is that they both make your facility or workplace a poor work environment. In order to compete as a business owner, you need to make sure that you invest in equipment that not only detects these odors, but is able to give you adequate warning and insight in order to track down the sources of these and act accordingly. Here, reliability and cutting-edge tech are key. Let Chemtech help you figure out what service is right for your facility to deal with unruly odors.