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There are so many brands and models of chlorine valves on the market today, which can make your buying decision a challenging one.

How do you know which brand or model will provide the highest level of durability, safety, and reliability?

Here are some tips to help you select and buy top-performing chlorine valves, so you can get the most value out of your investment.

  1. Material of Construction of a Chlorine Valve

Chlorine is extremely dangerous – it is toxic, highly reactive, and can cause severe harm to one’s respiratory organs. As such, you will only want to purchase valves made from the highest quality materials to ensure top performance and safety for your personnel. Most industry experts recommend chlorine ball valves as they provide high-level safety and protection against the harmful effects of chlorine.

Chlorine also has a high expansion rate, so the quality of the outlets you select needs to be top-performing and extremely reliable to prevent any safety issues that may come up when working with chlorine.

As well, the body valve determines the quality of your chlorine valves. For best quality, you will want to select body valves made from WCB Grade castings or forgings and seals that are made of TFE.

  1. Design of a Chlorine Valve

The design you select will always affect the performance and efficiency of your chlorine valves. Good design is blow-out proof and can use the best packing rings, as well as allowing you to effectively control the backflow of chlorine. Also, choose a compact design that has good body cavity venting and encapsulated body seals. These features all enhance the functionality and value of your chlorine valves.

  1. Manufacturing Facility & Technology

Chlorine valves made from the latest technology and top manufacturing facilities will ensure the highest quality product and value for you. You want to select chlorine valves made from automated manufacturing processes, as such operations will provide consistently higher-quality products.

As well, advanced process controls, such as helium leak checking and infrared thermal imaging, are extremely important because they help check for safety, quality, and reliability of your chlorine values.

Further, you will want to choose chlorine valves that are made in a strictly controlled, clean environment, with a detailed inspection and compliance testing of every part, to ensure top quality and performance for your valves.

For best quality valves, consider a supplier who also has a totally integrated valve manufacturing process. When a supplier manufactures their own rod and forgings, they can control all the components of chlorine valves more closely, resulting in more reliable and durable products.

Additional Tips For Choosing A Chlorine Valve

The other features you will want to take into consideration are the temperature ratings, flow co-efficient, and pressure ratings of the chlorine valves. Always ask about the dimensions and materials used to ensure the chlorine valves made to meet your requirements.

Finally, if you are buying a large number of chlorine valves, check on any discounts offered or coupons available to help you cut down your total purchasing cost.

By following these buying tips, you will be able to find top quality valves that meet your unique needs and applications. Learn more about how to select the best supplier for your chlorine valves.

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