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If your company is in the food processing, waste collection, wastewater treatment or recreational vehicle industry, you likely have experienced odor problems, or worst have received odor complaints from your customers, or from individuals and communities near your facilities and plants.

If you are looking for a more effective odor control solution, read on to learn more about how 3 companies are taking advantage of Histosol to help reduce or completely eliminate odors.

What is Histosol?

Histosol is a natural product derived from organic matter consisting of natural soil constituents, making it a safe, environmentally friendly and economical odor control solution for a wide range of odorous compounds and applications in various industries.

Histosol contains a combination of humate salts, humic acids, lignin matter and extractions of highly humified organic matters – powerful components that capture odorous compounds and interrupt their corrosive reactions, and enhance biological activities for solids degradation.

Case Study #1: Odor Control in Portable Toilets & RV Tanks


The challenge for many portable toilet and pumper companies in the US was the increasing resistance and stricter regulations for wastewater treatment facilities. The most common formaldehyde or formaldehyde-based odor control products companies used were producing toxic products that actually killed off the bacteria which break down solid waste during the treatment process, creating unacceptable water release problems. Furthermore, most of the odor control products on the market were hazardous to handle, and in some cases fatal if their personnel had ingested the products in even very small quantities.

These portable toilet and pumper companies had to find an alternative odor control product that was safe and effective to handle, but also accepted by wastewater treatment facilities.

Similarly, most odor control products used in the recreational vehicle industry are toxic and dangerous to handle. As such many disposal sites do not accept the effluent from the holding tanks of RVs, due to its high toxicity levels. Further, most of the odor control products on the market only act as masking agents to cover up offensive odors from the holding tanks, but cannot effectively control or reduce the odors long term.


Histosol was used in a specially formulated odor control product. The product was tested and found to be extremely effective in controlling odors from portable toilets, even under hot, humid weather conditions. One portable toilet test unit did not even need to be pumped for two full weeks since no offensive odors were detected.

The same technology was used to formulate a natural odor control product for RV holding tanks. Tests conducted in seven field trials found that the product consistently achieved outstanding odor control results. And since Histosol is a highly concentrated product, it cuts the application rates by half compared to similar products on the market, making Histosol an extremely cost effective solution.


This newly formulated Histosol odor control product does not only serve as a masking agent to cover up unpleasant odors, but it also reduces the effluent’s ability to produce odors. The product is also accepted by all wastewater treatment facilities across the country, since it is safe for the environment and does not harm human or animal if used as directed. The use of Histosol has helped to solve the problems associated with toxic products used in the treatment of portable toilets and RV holding tanks.

Case Study #2: Odor Reduction at Juice Manufacturing, Chicken & Turkey Processing Facilities


A large juice factory in New England was at risk of being fined and shut down when the factory was unable to reduce odor emission levels generated by its wastewater pre-treatment facility.

A large turkey production facility in Canada had major odor problems in the barns of the farm, which were caused by ammonia. While the product sodium bisulfate was working in managing the ammonia odors, it was very corrosive and difficult to use.

Similarly, a chicken processing plant in South Georgia was also experiencing high levels of odors generated by its wastewater treatment system. The odors were caused by hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.


Histosol was applied to the juice factory’s aeration tanks through a water shock treatment. The product was applied to the turkey production facility through a backpack sprayer. Similarly, a high pressure pump and fire hose were used to apply Histosol at the chicken processing plant.


Histosol provided an immediate and effective solution to the odor problems experienced by all food processing facilities. Within three hours of application, odor problems at the juice factory were contained. After the initial treatment, 90-95% of ammonia odors were eliminated at the turkey production facility. For the chicken processing plant, the hydrogen sulfide and ammonia odors were eliminated within 72 hours after treatment.

Case Study #3: Odor Control at Solid Waste Collection Sites


For solid waste management or waste collection sites located near residential areas, it is not uncommon for companies to receive complaints about offensive odors. Odors are created from many sources – the waste itself, the dumpsters used to transfer waste from collection sites to transfer stations, the physical plants of transfer stations, and runoff from waste, as well as the retention pond located near the transfer stations.

The runoff from the waste also caused serious concrete corrosion problems to the transfer station sites due to leaching hydrogen sulfide. One plant had estimated that at least 50% of the concrete floor of transfer stations had been eroded away over the past 8 years.


Histosol was tested for use in the cleaning and washing of dumpsters and plant facilities by adding the product to the chemical uptake line on power wash system. The treatment saw an immediate improvement in the reduction of odors.


The application of Histosol was extremely effective in reducing odors. Additional clean-up steps were not required when the treatment was used with power wash system.

The result was most notably effective in cleaning waste collection dumpsters at a seafood restaurant. The site was notorious for producing offensive odors. The odors were dramatically reduced after only one cleaning.

One waste collection site also tested the treatment of Histosol and saw an immediate improvement in the air quality in the facility. Furthermore, when the application was used on the retention pond, the facility saw a significant reduction in the hydrogen sulfide levels, and odors were reduced to levels that were only detectable in the immediate area surrounding the retention pond.

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