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When it comes to running a facility, there’s always going to be wear and tear. When working with certain chemicals at certain rates, this naturally happens, but where facility managers go wrong with this potential idea is not properly taking care of the problem. In time, corrosion can lead to many issues, including damage eventually compromising the security of some of your equipment as well as potentially leading to failure to meet necessary regulatory standards. As a result, you need to make sure that you find a way to help fight off corrosion as long as possible. Microbe-Lift may be the product that you are looking for.

Different metals corrode at different rates, but there are a variety of different factors that impact corrosion, as well as different types and sources of corrosion. For example, general attack corrosion, the most common type of corrosion, generally occurs due to chemical and electrochemical reactions. Other types include localized corrosion, galvanic corrosion, and environmental cracking. The World Corrosion Organization estimates that overall, the global cost of corrosion is roughly $2.2 trillion annually, but approximately 25% of this could be eliminated if people use some of the prevention techniques that are already on the table.

This is where Microbe-Lift comes into things. Microbe-Lift is a biotechnology product designed to help wastewater treatment processes. This is because industrial wastewater often contains a lot of the chemicals that react to create corrosive gases. It also works to lower the amount of sludge and help break down waste. This is accomplished via a highly active liquid consortium made to be used in nearly all environmental applications.

To give you one example of Microbe-Lift in action, a wastewater treatment plant at the National Poultry Slaughterhouse in Karak, Jordan was having difficulty meeting effluence requirements, despite the fact that it had a modernized design. This issue was causing neighbors to complain about odors. In addition, there was a 65” floating layer of sludge accumulating on top of the tank.

When Microbe-Lift was introduced, effluent statistics ended up lowering significantly within the first month. In addition, odor decreased within the first week and was completely eliminated by the second week. All wastewater treatment parameters were reduced by between 90% and 100% compared to levels before the treatment.

Corrosion, especially corrosion stemming from industrial and municipal wastewater, can pose a serious risk to the safety and functionality of your equipment. This is why you want to make sure that you take the time to fight off corrosion by any means necessary. Microbe-Lift specifically targets this issue, as well as other problems including:

  • Manure management
  • Open water pollution treatment
  • Aquaculture

In order to handle this issue, it’s important for business owners and facility managers to find the ideal way to try and integrate products that are a good match for their specific needs, Microbe-Lift included. This means technology that is both advanced and reliable. Chemtech International is the perfect match—a family-run business with 30 years of experience helping companies around the world with environmental compliance.