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During the manufacturing process, soft gels go through a variety of different stages in order to get to the final product. This starts with prepping the proper gelatin material, then mixing them together in order to make sure that you have the desired shell formation for said product. There are a variety of different machines that help accomplish this. The next step is making sure that you prepare the fill material to go inside the shell and that everything is homogenous.

When it comes to drying, the major role is making sure that the final product meets specifications by removing any sort of excess moisture from the final product. Two of the largest issues that drying helps are making sure that these products maintain a uniform shape and lowering the risk of material leakage. Should these issues end up happening on a regular basis, they may cause major issues.

There are a variety of different issues that can end up impacting the way that different softgels dry, all of which can have a pronounced impact. These include:

Temperature and Humidity: This references how hot or cold the air is that is going into the chamber that holds the soft gel drying trays. If it’s too hot, it could deplete the ingredients.

Drying Rates: If you can’t establish a uniform drying rate for all the different trays, it will make it far more difficult to evaluate the final product.

Drying Time: This is a bit different than drying rate, generally meaning the amount of time it takes for the excess moisture to leave the soft gels. This is more about efficiency in the supply process than anything else.

Soft gel trays that do not end up being warped or damaged by the rigors of the process are far more likely to manage these and other factors.

When it comes to soft gel drying and many other key elements of manufacturing, uniformity is key. For the suppliers that you work with as well as the customer or end user, there is a certain expectation for appearance and function when it comes to soft gel medication. In some cases, if there is something that goes wrong with the manufacturing process, it may result in the user not getting the desired result, leaving everyone at all levels of the supply chain potentially exposed to legal action.

Because of this, you need to make sure that you are using the highest-quality soft gel drying trays to make sure that your operation is putting out the exact same materials every time. In order to hit these markers, it’s important that you work with reliable supply tools that are made with modernized and advanced materials. Chemtech International is the perfect match—a family-run business with 30 years of experience helping companies around the world with environmental compliance. Our soft gel drying trays are made from proprietary fiberglass blend for maximum durability, performance, and value.