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Is your septic system is having issues percolating?  Below is our explanation on Septic Tanks and what causes the issues may be having.

Typical septic systems work in an anaerobic environment, which lacks oxygen. This environment promotes the growth of a black, sludge-like layer called the a biomat in the drain field. The biomat is the cause of septic problems.
Over time, the biomat can seal the ground and sidewalls of the drainfield, preventing it from absorbing water discharged from the septic tank. This results in many symptoms of septic system failure, including ponding, foul smell, slow flushing toilets and drains, tank overflows and system back-ups.

How to fix this issue? Call Chemtech International Inc. We have a variety of bacteria based products that will help eliminate your biomat. Our products will make your septic system come alive again and do it’s intended job, which is to collect household waste…digest waste properly… then discharge into your drain field.  Please view our wide variety of products for wastewater treatment and Septic Tanks  by clicking this link Waste Water Odor Control Treatmen