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When choosing a supplies manufacturer for your business, there’s a lot to consider. You need to ensure the quality of your finished products without hurting your bottom line. You’ll be ordering from this manufacturer for months, years or even decades to come, which means they will become a part of your brand and what it’s supposed to represent. When it comes to quality, efficiency and making the right impression on your customers, American-made products beat the competition every time. Learn more about why your company should choose American-made.

Quality You Can Trust

Choosing American-made products means giving your customers the quality they deserve. You can trust that your supplies manufacturer will deliver quality goods based on the regulations laid out by the U.S. government. The FDA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are here to make sure that U.S.-based companies manufacture products that are safe and helpful to consumers.

Supporting Fair and Equal Labor

When you choose to bring your business to a U.S.-based manufacturer, you will also know that they are implementing fair and equal labor practices based on the regulations laid out by the Department of Labor. You can rest assured that their employees are not being mistreated. This is not always the case when you’re working with manufacturers overseas. These companies may not be subject to the same scrutiny as U.S.-based companies when it comes to labor laws. Your company could get into a nasty situation if you start working with a supplier that commits human rights violations or one that mistreats its employees.

Utilizing Strong Trade Partnerships

Many U.S.-based companies have strong trade partnerships with countries all over the world. The U.S. is a leader in international trade with the infrastructure and resources to import and export goods from some of the top manufacturers across all industries. Regardless of what kinds of goods you need for your business, you can find a reliable manufacturer in the U.S. with deep ties to additional supplies for more dependability and cost-efficiency. You can leverage their trade partnerships to ensure that you’re getting the best products and supplies for your business.

Telling the Story of Your Brand

The manufacturer you choose says a lot about your business. Your customers want to hear about the story behind your brand and choosing American-made products will help you position your company as an ally of domestic manufacturing. You will be supporting the local economy, increasing domestic production, and decreasing the country’s dependence on foreign manufacturers. Your customers will feel a stronger connection to your brand because they support what it represents. 64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand.

If you’re looking for a quality U.S.-based manufacturer for your business, look no further than Chemtech International. As our President Neel Daphtary says “The factories we work with are in the United States, and not one product is imported. Our business is growing.