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For over 20 years, Chemtech International Inc. has been one of the world’s largest international distributor of CHEMetrics brand water test kits. CHEMetrics is the industry’s leading manufacturer of highly accurate, safe, and easy-to-use solutions for professional water analysis.

Cost Effective Water Test Kits

Conventional water testing kits have used drops and mixing methods or test strips, which are not the most cost-effective choices in the market, and most importantly they do not always provide accurate results.

Accurate, Reliable Water Test Kits Results

To solve these testing problems, CHEMetrics invented a special self-filling ampoule that is vacuumed sealed, with the testing reagent inside. Unlike conventional water analysis kits where sample measurement and reagent preparation are required, CHEMetrics water test kits require no mixing or measuring. Simply place the CHEMetrics ampoule into the sample, and the vacuum will precisely pull the correct amount into the ampoule for mixing. You can have accurate, reliable results for over 45 analytes, all under two minutes.

Significantly Reduce Potential Operator Errors for Water Test Kits

With the self-filling ampoule feature, CHEMetrics water test kits significantly reduce potential operator errors as your personnel are not required to measure and prepare samples as with drops and solutions. As well, CHEMetrics water test kits eliminate all handling of samples by your personnel, which significantly minimizes any direct contact with chemicals or liquids.

Portable & Easy to Use Water Test Kits

CHEMetrics kits are extremely portable and easy to use. Packaged with everything you need to run 30 tests, you no longer need to carry multiple cases full of chemicals, samples, and instruments onsite, as with other water analysis solutions.

Water Test Kits with Highest Level of Product Quality & Accuracy

All CHEMetrics water test kits undergo stringent testing and inspection procedures to ensure the highest level of product quality and accuracy for our customers. With over 20 years of experience distributing CHEMetrics water test kits, Chemtech is dedicated to providing top customer service and support, competitive pricing, and international shipping options to meet all your water analysis needs.

K-7360S CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

COD Vials

For Photometric analysis of chemical oxygen demand.

IMG_1993-Retouched-scaled CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

Dissolved Oxygen R-7540

K-5510-copy CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

Hydrogen Peroxide R-5510

PeraceticAcid_K7904 CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

Peracetic Acid K7904

K-4520_r1-scaled CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

Titrets K-4520

Hand-held titration cells for titrimetric analysis.

K-1510-1-scaled CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

CHEMets R -1510

Self filing ampoules for colorimetric analysis

K-1420-scaled CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

VACUettes R-1420

Auto-dilution ampoules for colorimetric analysis

IMG_9976-scaled CHEMetrics Water Test Kits


Self-filing ampoules for photometic analysis

Chlorine_K2504_1-scaled CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

CHEMets R-2500

Self-filing ampoules for colormetric analysis

2-Instruments-Right-1-scaled CHEMetrics Water Test Kits


Self-filing ampoules for photometic analysis

ozone_indigo_Kit CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

Vacu-vials –

ozone Indigo Kit

Self-filing ampoules for photometic analysis

K-9400-scaled CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

CHEMets Kit

Detergents K-9400

K-8510-scaled CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

CHEMets Phosphate R-8510

Self-filing ampules for colorimetric analysis


K-8012-scaled CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

CHEMets Phenol R-8012

Self-filing ampules for colorimetric analysis


K-7513_r1-scaled CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

Vacu-vials K-7513

Self-filing ampules for photometric analysis

K-7512-scaled CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

CHEMets Dissolved Oxygen R-7512

Self-filing ampules for colorimetric analysis

Turbidity-and-the-Sample-Zeroing-Accessory-Pack CHEMetrics Water Test Kits

Turbidity and the Sample Zeroing Accessory Pack

Turbidity is haze or cloudiness in water caused by suspended matter. Turbid water is commonly described as hazy, milky, cloudy or dirty. High levels of turbidity usually indicate low water quality.

A common field test to check for turbidity is to hold a flashlight up to the water sample. If the light makes the sample look cloudy or the beam highlights particles in the water, your sample is turbid. Turbidity is scientifically measured using an instrument called a turbidimeter or nephelometer and is reported in Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU).

Turbidity interferes with instrumental colorimetric water analysis by causing discoloration and light scattering in the sample. Sample filtration is commonly employed to reduce turbidity, but this is not always appropriate depending on the testing environment or the analyte being measured.

If filtering samples to remove turbidity is not an option when using CHEMetrics Vacu-vials® kits, then the Sample Zeroing Accessory Pack may be your answer. The Sample Zeroing Accessory Pack allows the operator to zero their instrument with a zero blank from the same source as the water sample. This corrects for the turbidity in the sample allowing for a more accurate measurement of the analyte being tested.

Watch a brief demonstration HERE.

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