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Microbe GT

Treatment for FOG: Fats, Oils and Grease


  • Enhances system efficiency, improving BOD, COD and TSS removal
  • Provides rapid start up, or recovery from upset
  • Reduces potential for inhibition or toxicity
  • Provides greater system stability
  • Can improve solids settling
  • Has been shown to reduce waste sludge production
  • Can expand system capacity
  • Rapidly breaks down fats,oil and greases

MICROBE-LIFT / GT is a specialized blend of bacteria designed to enhance the degration of fats, oils and greases (FOG) as well as other organics that are found in grease traps, drain lines and wastewater treatment systems. It does not just solubilize fats, oils and greases like surfactants, but digests them and breaks them down to carbon dioxide and water.

MICROBE-LIFT / GT also eliminates grease balls, floating oil and grease layers in the system. It is primarily a blend of aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria.

Can be more effective when used in conjunction with MICROBE-LIFT / IND (liquid) or MICROBE-LIFT / WW (dry) in wastewater plants.

  • Enhances system efficiency lowering BOD, COD, and TSS values in effluent
  • Provides rapid startup, or recovery from upset
  • Reduces potential for inhibition or toxicity
  • Provides greater system stability
  • Can improve solids settling
  • Has been shown to reduce waste sludge production
  • Can expand system capacity
  • Rapidly breaks down fats, oils and greases to improve overall treatment plan efficiency and lower effluent FOG, BOD and COD values

Useful in industries with large amounts of fats, oils and greases including:

  • Meat, poultry and pork processors
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Meat packing plants

Available in convenient 8 oz pre-measured packages, for people who prefer a dry product over liquid products for handling and convenience.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes. Flush immediately if needed. Use gloves and safety glasses when handling spills. If contact is made, wash with soap and water. If swallowed, drink several glasses of water. Contact physician if irritation persists.

Bio-Available – Non-Toxic – Non Pathogenic

microbe-lift-gt-cropped GT

Product Application
Product should be added to the aeration basin in wastewater treatment plants, as near as possible to the point where influent comes into the plant. If there are multiple basins or lagoons, the regular dose is typically added to the first basin in a series with a 25% to 50% dosage added to basins further down the system.

Application Rates
Due to the unique nature of every plant with respect to:

  • Flow
  • Design Configuration
  • Operation
  • Composition, Strength, and Variability of Waste
  • Program Objectives

We recommend working with your sales engineer to come up with a custom program with respect to products and dosage rates tailored to your plant and its unique characteristics to provide the best results.


Microbe-Lift IND is a highly active liquid culture consortium designed specifically for use in almost all environmental applications. IND select cultures promote increased biological degradation capabilities in all types of designs of biological wastewater systems, open lagoon and polluted environments. IND consortium is very effective in degrading hard degradable compounds such as fatty acids, various chemical compounds, hydrocarbons and fibrous matters that indigenous bacteria often unable to degrade them, hence result in system performance deficiency. These cultures resist shock loads of chemicals, reducing upsets and kills, which may occur in waste-water treatment systems. This translates to improved system performance, stability and reduced final effluent BOD, COD and TSS. Microbe-Lift IND will breakdown fats, oils and grease in lift stations along with reducing hydrogen sulfide and ammonia odors.


Microbe-Lift IND cultures can be used in any wastewater system to maintain and improve performance. This includes lagoons, activated sludge bio-reactors, bio-towers, and aerobic and anaerobic digesters.


With Microbe Lift’s IND Series has been mixed with highly specialized microorganisms that are designed to speed the biological degradation of problem compounds in waste water systems. The IND Series has been tested to degrade the following toxic compounds at accelerated rates; phenols, surfactants, chlorinated hydro-carbons, starches, fats, and oils.


The Microbe Lift Series IND is designed to resist inhibitory concentrations of difficult-to-degrade constituents, which improves system stability. Industrial and municipal system upsets and biomass kills are common through these wastewater systems. Read more about how a Township in Pennslyvania cleaned up their wastewater with Microbe Lift.


The Microbe Lift Series IND is perfect for industrial wastewater systems, where hydrogen sulfide is an issue. These odor-causing compounds can make working conditions for employees and living conditions residential homeowners tough. Degrades a wide range of other organic chemicals too.


There are many upsets and kills within municipal and industrial waste water systems. The Microbe Lift Series IND resists shock loads of chemicals, which keeps your system safer. By adding in the cultures, you are keeping your waste water system’s performance and stability.


The Microbe Lift Series IND cultures will help with TSS (Total Suspended Solids). These cultures can be used in lagoons, activated sludge bio-reactors, bio-towers, and aerobic digesters.


The Microbe Lift Series IND has the ability to reduce final effluent Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), and Suspended Solids (SS).


Microbe Lift IND drives nitrification for improved ammonia removal and achieves rapid anoxic denitrification.

See Why Our Customers Use Microbe-Lift

Noticeable Results in 30 Days after Microbe-Lift Treatment

Noticeable results within the first 2 weeks of using it, and no more grease build-up after 1 month!

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