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As we move into 2022, sustainable business is becoming an increasingly important topic of discussion. Sustainable water treatment, ethical business practices, and a collective responsibility to bring about a better planet and a better way of co-existing on this Earth — all of these things are high on the agenda, and for good reason. This is why sustainable business conferences and events are such a critical part of the business calendar moving forward.

With this in mind, take a look at some of the sustainability conferences you need to be aware of in the coming year.

International Conference on Sustainable Business

When: January 28-29, 2022

Where: New York, New York. However, the conference is delivered remotely and open to digital attendees from across the world.

Website: International Conference on Sustainable Business

The International Conference on Sustainable Business is one of the leading conferences of business responsibility and development on the international stage. Bringing together many of the world’s leading authorities on sustainable business transformation and growth, the conference aims to shine a light on many of the issues facing business in the coming years and beyond, and seeks to illuminate the path towards a more positive tomorrow.

While this event draws upon the experience and knowledge of some of the eminent scholars and researchers in this field, it also maintains a practical focus. Organizers are well aware that the time for mere debate and academic discussion is quickly passing us by, which is why the event is aimed at translating innovation and academia into real-world, directly applicable solutions. The 2022 event is a digital-only event, expanding the scope of the conference while keeping all participants safe and healthy.


When: February 15-17, 2022

Where: JW Marriot Camelback Inn, Scottsdale, Arizona

Website: GreenBiz 22

GreenBiz returns in 2022 for the GreenBiz 22 event. Among the topics to be discussed are working towards a circular economy, building resilient supply chains, and helping to achieve sustainability leadership. Also on the agenda are moves towards net-zero carbon emissions and reduced environmental impact, as well as social justice, finance and ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors, and support for stakeholders across all levels of business.

The team behind GreenBiz 22 is proud to bring over 1,000 voices to the table. These include featured speakers such as Paul Polman of Imagine, Kim Dabbs of Steelcase, and Peter Bakker of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, among other big names from the world of business and sustainability. Participants will also have the opportunity to make their own voices heard as part of the proceedings.

Safety and public well-being is critical during the conference, and so the organizing team requires that all attendees be fully up-to-date with vaccinations. Those who have not been fully vaccinated will not be permitted to enter the event.

Responsible Business USA

When: April 19-20, 2022

Where: Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge, New York, New York

Website: Responsible Business USA

The Responsible Business USA event is aimed at achieving business transition — i.e. helping businesses to pivot towards more sustainable working practices in the future. In the words of the organizers themselves, this will help attendees to “future-proof” their businesses, as well as their entire value chain.

The convention is based around the worrying prediction of a 1.8- to 2.4-degree rise in temperatures by 2050. With this sobering forecast as a starting point, speakers at Responsible Business will discuss how this can be avoided, setting a pathway for a better, more optimistic, tomorrow. Achieving this requires innovation, the likes of which the world has never seen before — but despite the daunting nature of the task at hand, the event’s organizers and participants believe it can be done.

Speakers at this conference include United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby, Pernod Ricard North America CEO Ann Mukherjee, and Value Reporting Foundation President and COO Matthew Welch, among many others. There are expected to be more than 500 attendees at the event, as well as more than 80 CEO and executive-level speakers.

International Conference on Transport, Sustainability and Principles

When: April 25-26, 2022

Where: New York, New York. However, the conference is also delivered on a remote basis and is open to digital attendees across the globe.

Website: International Conference on Transport, Sustainability and Principles

The International Conference on Transport, Sustainability and Principles welcomes a number of leading experts from academic institutions and business organizations, hailing from around the world. The agenda features topics such as transportation and social sustainability, carbon-neutral fuel, electric and green vehicles, transportation engineering, plug-in hybrid vehicles and vehicle operations, as well as a range of other points for discussion.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear keynote presentations from a number of luminaries across a diverse range of fields, in addition to participating in peer-to-peer discussions and networking events.

International Conference on Sustainable Healthcare and Sustainability Treatments (ICSHST)

When: June 2-3, 2022

Where: San Francisco, California. However, the conference is also delivered remotely and open to digital attendees worldwide.

Website: International Conference on Sustainable Healthcare and Sustainability Treatments (ICSHST)

ICHST 2022 is the 16th event of its kind, and it focuses on the growing question of ecological and social sustainability in the healthcare field. In June of 2022, many of the leading figures in this area will be in San Francisco to discuss these issues and to clarify how they can be addressed through practical innovation in the coming years.

Items for discussion include sustainable healthcare financing, hospital engineering innovations, and future trends and challenges across the entire industry and field. The event will be delivered digitally in an effort to keep all attendees and participants safe.

Sustainable Business Conferences: Improving Our Understanding in a Changing World

Across 2022 and beyond, one thing is clear — sustainability issues in areas such as water treatment, business development, and whole supply chain responsibility will be critical. This makes sustainable business conferences an important part of the calendar for organizations across all industries.