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Ultra Overpacks

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Ultra Overpacks

Screw top Ultra-Overpacks offer the highest UN and DOT certifications available. 95 and 65 gallon Plus models comply with UN Packaging Group 1 (X-Rating) and are certified for use as DOT Salvage Drums, 49 CFR 173.3 (c).

  • 95 and 65 gallon Plus models comply with UN Packaging Group 1 (X-Rating) and are certified for use as DOT Salvage Drums, 49 CFR 173.3 (c). Visit for more regulatory information.
  • The Overpack Plus 95 and 65 are the highest performing poly overpacks on the market!
  • Excellent chemical resistance, including acids, caustics, and corrosives.
  • Convenient, “no-tools required” closures are perfect for clean-up and spill response activities.
  • Nestable design and low tare weight allow convenient storage and reduced transportation costs.
overpack-1 Ultra Overpacks

New 20 & 30 gallon units have built-in slots — Use with zip ties for added tamper resistance.

overpack-2 Ultra Overpacks

Lid can be tightened using built-in broom handle or wooden beam (2×4) slots. Molded-in foothold provides additional leverage point

overpack-3 Ultra Overpacks

The Wheeled Model has built-in wheels — eliminates the need for a separate dolly or other means of transport.

overpack-4 Ultra Overpacks

The Recycled Model has the added benefit of eco-friendly, recycled content.

95 and 65 Gallons Ultra-Overpacks Are Independently Certified For:

  • LAND United Nations (UN) Transport of Dangerous Goods
  • SEA International Maritime Organization (IMO); International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) Annex I-Section 8
  • AIR International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, Part 7, Chapter 4
  • AIR International Air Transport Association (IATA); Dangerous Goods Regulations, Section 10.3
Part# Description Capacity
gal. (L)
Top Outside Dia. in. (mm) Bottom Outside Dia. in. (mm) Outside Height
in. (mm)
UN Marking Weight
lbs. (kg)
0580 95-Gallon Plus 95 (360) 32¼ (820) 25½ (648) 41¼ (1,049) 1H2/X345/S/**/USA/M5904 48.0 (22.0)
0584 95-Gallon Plus Wheeled 95 (360) 32¼ (820) 25½ (648) 48½ (1,232) 1H2/X345/S/**/USA/M5904 58.0 (26.0)
0570 95-Gallon Plus Recycled 95 (360) 32¼ (820) 25½ (648) 41¼ (1,049) 1H2/Y345/S/**/USA/M5904 48.0 (22.0)
0582 65-Gallon Plus 65 (247) 29 (737) 21 (533) 36¼ (921) 1H2/X228/S/**/USA/M5904 40.0 (18.0)
0585 30-Gallon Plus 30 (113.5) 22⅞ (581) 18 (457) 30⅛ (765) see website 15.0 (7.0)
0587 20-Gallon Plus 20 (76) 21¾ (552) 17¾ (451) 19¼ (489) see website 12.0 (5.5)

Chemtech International Inc. is one of the oldest distributors of UltraTech International, Inc. secondary containment, spill prevention and response equipment. For over two decades, Chemtech has been the preferred supplier of UltraTech International, Inc. spill containment products for many domestic and international companies around the world.

Economic & Cost-effective

Spills and workplace accidents cost businesses and industries millions of dollars every year. Secondary containment and prevention products are an economic and cost-effective solution to protect your business and personnel, reducing worker exposure to hazardous materials as well as environmental penalties for spills or non-compliance orders.

Protect Personnel & Your Business

UltraTech International, Inc. secondary containment and prevention products are designed to capture hazardous material spills from a wide variety of vessels. By containing spills, you protect your personnel from potential slip and fall injuries and reduce your costs associated with worker health and safety. With our products, you can also reclaim spills to reduce ongoing disposal costs. And by preventing spills, you reduce clean-up costs, helping to maximize your operational and labor efficiencies.

Extensive Product Line

Chemtech offers an extensive product line of UltraTech International, Inc. spill decks, track pans, funnels and accessories to meet all your toxic material containment, handling, shipping, safety and emergency needs. All UltraTech International, Inc. secondary containment and prevention products are engineered to meet both local and state government regulations, including SPCC, EPA, OSHA, and DOT.

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“Our partnership with Chemtech goes back over 10 years.  The reliability, durability and quality of the soft gel drying trays we purchase from Chemtech is our high priority.  Our interactions with Neel and his team are immediate and responsive, providing excellent customer service as well as superior solutions to meet our ongoing production needs”.

Sean Weaks, COO Aspire Pharmaceuticals
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