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For over 20 years, Chemtech International Inc. has been an authorized distributor of ORBIS/ROPAK Materials Handling Group, U.S.A. and DOLAV Plastic Products, to market their high quality, heavy duty plastic containers, box pallets, packaging and material handling accessories. Chemtech International Inc. is the preferred reusable container supplier for many domestic and international companies in the chemical, electronics, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries.

Sustainable & Cost-Effective Materials Handling Containers & Accessories

Unlike metal, cardboard, or wood containers, reusable plastic containers are more durable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for material handling and storage applications.

Extreme Strength & Stable Materials Handling Containers & Accessories

DOLAV Plastic Products is the industry leader and manufacturer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), injection-molded plastic pallet and pallet boxes. This unique technology gives pallet boxes their extreme strength and stability to provide superior protection for your valuables in all conditions.

Materials Handling Containers & Accessories with Wide-Range of Uses

The multitasking design of DOLAV pallet boxes enables a wide range of uses in all stages of manufacturing processes, including production, transportation and storage, for the automotive, textile, metal, plastic industries.

Highly Resistant HDPE material

The HDPE material of DOLAV pallet boxes is highly resistant to chemical corrosion and allows for contact with a wide range of acids. DOLAV pallet boxes can also withstand extreme temperatures and cold storage environments, making them a superior choice for the pharmaceutical, chemical, paint and spill containment industries.

Innovative, Reusable & Collapsible Materials Handling Containers & Accessories

With decades of proven expertise and industry-leading knowledge, ORBIS/ROPAK Materials Handling Group, U.S.A. is the trusted manufacturer of innovative reusable and collapsible containers for a wide range of industries. Designed to help businesses reduce packaging space and shipping costs, ORBIS/ROPAK containers are light in weight and can be stacked safely upright or collapsed, conserving as much space and weight as possible.

Long-Lasting Durable Materials Handling Containers & Accessories

Constructed of HDPE, ORBIS/ROPAK containers offer long-lasting durability, and can withstand years of repeated handling and transport compared to cardboard and wood containers. ORBIS/ROPAK containers also effectively prevent material contamination that commonly occurs with metal and cardboard containers. Easily recyclable, ORBIS/ROPAK containers eliminate all disposal costs associated with cardboard carton use, to help you maximize your operational efficiencies and reduce your overall environmental impact.

4048_bins Materials Handling


The 4048ns is made of tough, durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for long-life performance under the harshest conditions and provides excellent product protection. Seven heights are available for greater application versatility, and drop doors have an articulating hinge that allows the open door to lay flat against the side of the container for tighter, safer storage.

heavy_4548_bin Materials Handling


Heavy-Duty Container (Most Popular). 48″ x 45″ Footprint.

kitbin_xt Materials Handling

KitBin® XT

The new KitBin XT bulk container from Decade Products combines all of the features of the standard KitBin knockdown container with the ability to handle approximately 70% more weight and volume, translating to increased versatility and more savings.

macx_bin Materials Handling


Maximize your food handling efficiency with MACUMBA containers.

1539025064_52111001281-BL_MV1000_Solid_Blue-3Runners_With-Rods Materials Handling

MV1000 Pallet Reinforced

The MV1000 Reinforced Pallet features 3 support rods for ideal strength. The smooth top surface allows for easy cleaning and designed for food safety and hygienic applications. This pallet is perfect for extreme temperature and UV-resistant applications. Available in blue and gray.

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