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Ultra Grate Pyramid

Chemtech International Inc. is an exclusive distributor of UltraTech International Inc., the industry-leading manufacturer of stormwater management and erosion control products. All UltraTech International Inc. products are designed to meet the New Stormwater Management Regulations of the EPA’s Clean Water Act, to help businesses maximize operational efficiency while protecting the environment.

What is stormwater?

Stormwater is rainwater or melted snow that runs off streets, lawns, and other sites, which is typically absorbed into the ground and ultimately flows into streams and rivers. Impervious surfaces such as pavement and roofs, however, prevent stormwater to naturally soak into the ground. The water instead runs rapidly into storm drains, sewer systems, and drainage ditches, which can cause a wide range of problems, including downstream flooding, stream bank erosion, sewer overflows, infrastructure damage, contaminated streams, rivers and coastal water.

Stormwater Management Products

UltraTech International Inc. offers a comprehensive line of stormwater management products to effectively prevent various types of pollutants and contaminants, including hydrocarbons, dirt and sediment, from entering waterstorm systems, storm drains, catch basins and curb inlets.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Advanced erosion control products from UltraTech International Inc. are cost-efficient solutions to prevent erosion and minimize sediment runoff found in stormwater. All UltraTech International Inc. dewatering bags, silt dike barrier systems, and gravel bags are designed to effectively capture trapped sediment and oil and to prevent erosion and infrastructure damage.
pyramid_trench Ultra Grate Pyramid
grate-pyramid Ultra Grate Pyramid

Ultra Grate Pyramid

Protect inlet structures from sediment and debris during construction.

  • Reusable inlet protection device covers storm drains keeping dirt, sediment and other contaminants from entering the storm system.
  • Quickly and easily installs on most storm drains. Removal of grating is not necessary.
  • The heavy duty frame forms a sturdy barricade over most drop inlets – providing a prominent
    marker of where the drain is located.
  • High-flow, geotextile filter skirt stops sediment and debris while allowing the filtered water to
    enter the catch basin.
  • Built-in overflow prevents ponding during major rain events.
  • Attaches easily with provided attachment hooks.
  • High flow reusable filter provides excellent flow rate. Replacement filters are available.
  • Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL requirements.
Part# Description Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg)
9186 Fits 47” – 49” Grates 49 x 47 x 48 (1,245 x 1,194 x 1,219) 36.0 (16.5)
9187 Fits 50” – 71” Grates 71 x 50 x 48 (1,803 x 1,270 x 1,219) 52.0 (23.5)
Replacement filters available

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