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For over a decade, Chemtech International Inc. has been the leading supplier of spill containment berms, portable containment berms, onion tanks and pillow (bladder) tanks, serving the U.S. Military, oil and gas companies, as well as industrial and commercial customers. We also provide a diverse line of custom spill containment berms for specialized markets such as the fracking industry.

Effective & Affordable Solution

Spill containment berms are an effective and affordable solution for secondary containment of hazardous chemicals to prevent the pollution of soil and water. Containment berms are commonly used for the protection of any oil-filled equipment, fuel trucks and tanks, truck washing decks, and any item that may leak hazardous liquids.

Superior Quality

All Chemtech spill containment berms are manufactured in state-of-art facilities, with advanced production and inspection procedures at every stage in the manufacturing process, to deliver consistently superior quality products to our customers.

Manufactured with the highest quality materials

Our spill containment berms are manufactured with the highest quality materials – Seamans XR-5 fabric, which is the most durable and well-known fabric on the market today for top quality containment berms. Alternate fabrics such as Seamans XR-3 and Cool Guard are also available based on customer needs and demands.

Industry Leader

Committed to maintaining our position as industry leader for top performing spill containment berms, our team at Chemtech International Inc. has extensive technical knowledge and expertise in hot air welding, CAD/CAM design, fabrication, with a full-service graphics department, to meet all your unique spill containment berm needs and applications.
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Foam Berm

  • Durable foam logs allow vehicles to drive over them and still retain their original shape
  • Heavy­-duty 30 ounce fabric is appropriate for water, hydrocarbons, and most chemicals
  • Foam logs are covered with a fuel resistant polyethylene
  • Easily emptied through 3/4″ drains
  • Clean and store for repeated use
  • Includes patch kit and 20 extra zip ties
  • Meets U.S. regulations for spill containment
  • Multiple sizes available

Standard Sizes

  • 5’X 5’X 4″­ 62 gal
  • 8′ X 8′ X 4″ ­ 160 gal
  • 10’X 10′ X 4″ ­ 249 gal
  • 12′ X 36′ X 4″ ­ 1077 gal
  • 14′ x 54′ x 4″­ 1,885 gal

Facts About Our Berms:

  • Berms will come with a free repair kit and drains.
  • Berms are made from our standard Seamans XR-5 fabric 30mil/30oz fuel & chemical resistant.
  • Alternate fabrics such as Seamans XR-3 and Cool Guard are available upon request.
  • Our berms are easy and fast to deploy and fold back up.
  • Meet EPA and SPCC guidelines for Spill Containment.
  • All products are fully inspected before they are packed and shipped.

Common Berm References:

  • Spill Berms
  • Containment Berms
  • Spill Containment Berms
  • Portable Berms
  • Spill Guards
  • Duck Ponds
I receive very good service and I’m satisfied with their spill containment berms. I have never had any issues.
- Jose Laonso, Red-D-Arc
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