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10 Applications of Gel Cap Drying Trays

At first glance, the use case for a gel cap drying tray seems pretty straightforward – to provide a uniform surface for softgel capsules to dry and to protect them during this process. But in fact, there are a number of different applications and possible uses for these trays.

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The Complete Guide to CO2 Check Valves

When working with gases, safety and reliability are priorities. You need to make sure that the gas is flowing where you want it to, without exception. This is where a CO2 check valve comes in. With a check valve, you are assured there is no backflow of any of the carbon dioxide in the system.

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Understanding Gas Cylinder Valves

A gas cylinder valve is a crucial interface between your stored gases and your broader system. With this interface, you retain complete control over the system, applying the gas when it is required and shutting it off after use. To put it simply, your business needs cylinder valves.

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The Complete Guide to Softgel Drying

How do softgel capsules go from a collection of ingredients and materials to a completed product ready for sale? This is achieved via a tried-and-tested process of encapsulation and finishing. In this article, we’re going to be focusing on the softgel drying section of this process.

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How to Choose Valves to Use with Chlorine

Valves are a critical part of your chlorine system, providing the control and the safety measures you need to run the system properly. But how do you choose chlorine valves? With a great deal of choice out there on the market, this can be a difficult question. Read on to learn more in our guide.

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Propane Gas Regulator Valve: How It Works

If you are working with propane, then you will need to be using a propane gas regulator valve. This device helps to maintain the right pressure during operation, supporting safety and consistency across the job. But what exactly is going on inside the valve’s housing while the system is running?

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