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ODORGONE Professional

Chemtech International Inc. is an exclusive distributor of OdorGone, an all-purpose, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly odor control solution that permanently neutralizes odors within minutes, leaving outdoor and indoor spaces fresh, clean, and odor-free. OdorGone is the preferred odor control product for a wide range of industries worldwide, including wastewater treatment, waste management and recycling, food processing, and aircraft cleaning.

Specially Formulated

Unlike many odor control products on the market that temporarily mask or cover up odors with fragrances and perfumes, OdorGone is a specially formulated solution that reaches deep down to the root source to completely eliminate airborne, embedded, and static odors.

Safe around people, pets & the environment

OdorGone is a blend of 37 natural essential oils, including peppermint, lemon, and ecucalyptus, and does not contain any hazardous chemicals, live bacteria, propellants or enzymes. These plant extracts in the OdorGone formulation have been used in food flavoring for decades, and have a long history of safe use and handling. OdorGone does not pose any health risks when used, and is extremely safe around people, pets and the environment.

Safe on many surfaces & materials

Since OdorGone completely eliminates the use of chlorine and caustics, corrosion problems and hazards associated with chemical handling and storage are completely eliminated. OdorGone is also safe in vegetation and a wide range of painted and unpainted surfaces and materials, including concrete, brick, hardwood, tile, plastic, vinyl, carpet, leather, and cinderblock.

OdorGone can be used in...

OdorGone can be used in high-pressure systems, ventilation, pump sprayers, misters, turbo fans, and drum top foggers, and can be sprayed, mopped, sponged, poured, squirted or atomized. With its unique formulation, OdorGone will keep your nozzles clean and will not clog, helping to maintain high performance and durability of your cleaning equipment for years to come.
odorgone_professional OdorGone Professional

OdorGone® Professional

OdorGone PROFESSIONAL for Smoke Odor Control is not an enzyme or a chemical masking agent. It is a non ­toxic, biodegradable, water based blend of essential oils and extracts that neutralizes malodors from Fire smoke and Cigarette smoke on contact leaving the environment Fresh, Clean and Natural.

Environmentally Responsible: Safe for people, pets and the Earth, truly GREEN Product.
Non­toxic, Biodegradable, Water Base: Made from safe essential oils. Will not contaminate working environment even if misused.
Total Odor Neutralization: No oxidizing agents, no masking agents and no perfumes.
Residual Action: Creates a continual neutralization of malodors between uses.
USDA Certified: Class C1 rating.
Meets Boeing & Airbus Specification: Safe Interior Materials of Commercial Aircrafts
Anti-­Bacterial & Prevents Bacterial: Tested as per ATCC 6538 & ATCC 9027 methods, Ref.
Growth: A.O.A.C. 12th Edition
Neutral pH: Allows a much wider range of uses.
Versatile: Ready to use or may be diluted with water.
Proven Performance: Fire Engine, Truck Cabin, Restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, cafeterias, schools, aircrafts, vehicles, households.

Product Usage

User Friendly: Simply Add OdorGone
Air/Room Freshener: 6 to 12 sprays in air in a smoking room
Floor/Wall Wash: Add 60ml per 16 liters of mop water
Carpets: Add 60ml per 4 liter of cleaning solution
Laundry: Add 60ml per 10 kg load (for best results add to rinse cycle)
Fabric & Upholstery: May spray directly on (test silk or similar first)
H.V.A.C.: With system running, spray directly into air intake
Waste Containers: Spray directly on top of waste
Fire Engine Truck cabin, Suits & Shoes: Spray sufficiently in cabin, on suits and inside shoes. Smoke odors will be neutralized.


OdorGone PROFESSIONAL Smoke Odor Control Sizes

  • 4oz /118ml – pump spray – 12 per case
  • 16 oz /473ml – trigger spray – 12 per case
  • 32oz /946ml – trigger spray – 12 per case
  • 128oz /3.8L – U.S. Gallon – 4 per case
  • 5 gallon/20L pail – U.S. Gallons – 20LL

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