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Businesses that deal with toxic or hazardous substances need to be well prepared for monitoring levels, detecting leaks, and dealing with the consequences immediately if something should go wrong. On top of this, such companies have a moral and legal duty to minimize their impact on the environment.

This is where Chemtech International can help you. Our range of products will help to ensure that you are equipped in advance to deal with potentially dangerous situations. Our solutions will help protect the well-being and safety of your employees, as well as the environment, throughout your storage and manufacturing processes.

A family owned business in operation for more than 30 years, let Chemtech International advise you on the most efficient and sustainable products and solutions for your business whether you are involved in the oil, gas, pharmaceutical, public health, food and beverage, wastewater, transportation, agricultural, chemical, or electronics industries.

About Chemtech International

At Chemtech International, we have been developing and distributing high-quality products, systems, and technologies since 1984. We owe our longevity to the fact that we put our customers first. We provide a prompt, reliable service to domestic and international businesses, endeavoring to find the right solution for your business’ requirements. Our products are 100% U.S made and are consistently of the highest quality. What’s more, our experts monitor and understand global markets, enabling us to bring you the most up-to-date, cost effective products and technologies on the market.

Chemtech International: Our Products

CHEMetrics Water Test Kits  – Highly accurate, portable, safe and easy to use. Since they have a special self-filling ampoule, no mixing or measuring, drops or solutions, are required. You can obtain reliable results in less than two minutes.

Chlorine Emergency Kits  – Designed to stop gas leaks from chlorine and ammonia gas cylinders and containers. The kits contain a variety of tools, inspection seals, leak containment devices, and instructional booklets, all stored in a durable polyethylene tool box.

Gas Leak Detectors  – Foxcroft gas detectors pick up on toxic gas leaks immediately and also monitor oxygen levels. The gas detectors available from Chemtech International can detect one to four different gas leaks in different locations simultaneously.

Materials Handling  – We supply reusable plastic containers which are durable, sustainable, and cost-effective for all stages of manufacturing in numerous industries. ORBIS/ROPAK containers are recyclable, reusable, and collapsible, and also suitable for a wide range of industries.

OdorGone  – An odor control solution that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. OdorGone neutralizes odors within minutes, and eliminates airborne, embedded, and static odors. Utilizing a blend of 37 natural essential oils, it is safe for people, pets, vegetation and the environment.

Secondary Containment  – UltraTech International provides secondary containment, spill prevention, and response equipment. Their products are a cost-effective solution, protecting both personnel and the environment by preventing, capturing and containing hazardous spills.

Soft Gel Drying Trays     Molded Fiber Glass Co., (MFG) soft gel capsule drying trays are strong and durable for maximum performance and value. Manufactured with the most sophisticated technologies and highest grade materials available, the composite construction of the MFG gel capsule drying trays allows for effective stacking under heavy loads, and easy lifting. They are simple to clean and tolerant of extreme temperatures.

Sherwood Cylinder Valves  – Sherwood brand valves and accessories for compressed gas cylinders and ton containers. Manufactured using the latest technology, with safety and performance as top priorities, Sherwood Valves feature only the highest quality materials.

Spill Containment Berms – Effective and affordable secondary containment of hazardous chemicals to prevent environmental pollution and to protect the safety of your personnel. As industry leaders, our spill containment berms are easy to use and quick to deploy and fold back up. These products meet EPA and SPCC guidelines for Spill Containment.

Stormwater Safety Products   – UltraTech International products prevent pollutants, contaminants, dirt and sediment from stormwater entering water storm systems, storm drains, catch basins, and curb inlets. Pollutants and contaminants that are not treated can cause erosion, overflows, infrastructure damage, and many other problems.

Vial Loading Trays  – Molded Fiber Glass Co., U.S.A (MFG) vial loading trays are designed for easier loading and cleaning. They are extremely durable and long-lasting since they are resistant to exposure and corrosive substances, and are far lighter and easier to stack than metal trays.

Waste Water Treatment  – We provide a wide range of high-quality, microbial and biological products for treating wastewater.

Why Use Us?

The last thing your business needs is a fine for non-compliance. With Chemtech International, we can help you to avoid this by ensuring your compliance with municipal and state regulations.

With an emphasis on sustainability, Chemtech International is a global leader in the distribution of products in the field of environmental compliance and in specific aspects of the chemical industries.

In an age which sees many small businesses struggle to last beyond five years, Chemtech International has decades’ worth of experience and expertise. We apply this to all of our products; maximizing your business’s efficiency and safety in the process. We are proud of the long-lasting relationships we have nurtured with our existing customers.

For reliable service, great value, and high quality products, contact Chemtech International now.