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One of the biggest advantages of a biological wastewater treatment is in its list of active ingredients. These solutions feature only naturally occurring bacteria, making the treatment process far safer without compromising on effectiveness. The Bio-Block Chemtech product is no exception here.

With Bio-Block, your facility teams can handle wastewater and effluent in an efficient, effective, and, above all, natural way. Read on to discover more.

Understanding Bio-Block

Bio-Block is a handy solution that is designed to digest organic waste within treatment facilities. The name of this Chemtech product gives some ideas of what it is and what it does — it is a large, solid block that dissolves in the wastewater mixture, and it is formed from biological materials with no synthetic chemical additives.

The block is formed from large amounts of naturally occurring bacteria, which will be used to digest organic matter in the wastewater. This bacteria is packed in with high concentration, allowing your teams to treat larger volumes of wastewater, thus optimizing efficiency in the process.

The slow-release design means that the block will take between 30 and 90 days to dissolve. This is ideal for high-volume water treatment facilities, as their teams need to be able to continuously treat and digest the water that flows through the system.

Advantages of Bio-Block

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of Bio-Block as a biological wastewater treatment.

Improved workflow and efficiency

Bio-Block is designed to be easy to use, as well as highly cost-effective. Your teams can deploy Bio-Block with no additional equipment and only minimal orientation and training, making the solution highly efficient. Personnel simply need to open the Bio-Block product and immerse it within the wastewater treatment tank.

Efficiency is also boosted in other ways. By counteracting blockages within pipework and in other areas of the water treatment facility, Bio-Block helps the facility itself to run more smoothly. The efficiency of the infrastructure increases, along with the efficiency of the personnel working within this infrastructure.

Why is this so beneficial?

Facility managers want to do the right thing. They want to protect the environment, cut down on unpleasant odors, and maintain public safety. However, they are repeatedly limited by cost and labor time. Bio-Block removes these limitations from management teams to actively increase efficiency across the board.

Reduced levels of hydrogen sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide levels are dramatically reduced by Bio-Block, and this is one of the key advantages of the solution. Bio-Block contains no additional chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, public health, or the processing facility infrastructure itself.

Instead, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is removed via natural reactions with Bio-Block’s constituent ingredients.

Why is this so beneficial?

This is beneficial because H2S is seriously bad news. It causes bad odors, it is corrosive, and it is poisonous to humans as well as flora and fauna. Facility management teams certainly need to remove H2S from wastewater, but they can’t do this in a way that will cause other problems (i.e., adding other chemicals to the mix that can be harmful as well). This makes the Bio-Block Chemtech product a great option for water treatment.

Reduced fat, grease, and sludge build-up

Bio-Block breaks down fat and grease that may be found within wastewater. It’s common for fat and grease to work their way into wastewater systems in residential areas, as these materials are commonly used in everyday cooking and food preparation.

The Bio-Block solution also actively breaks down sludge. Sludge is a semi-solid, viscous material that forms as a sediment after the initial phases of water treatment. While it appears at a different stage in the treatment process than fat and grease, it still needs to be dealt with by facility teams.

Why is this so beneficial?

By reducing fat, grease, and sludge build-up, facility managers are helping to clear the way for wastewater and effluent flow. This water and effluent need to move unimpeded through the system, and this means all potential blockages have to be removed. Fat, grease, and sludge can build rapidly within the wastewater treatment facility, leading to a significant reduction in capacity and capability.

It’s also critical that these elements are not released into the local water table, where they can cause other major hazards. Bio-Block is highly effective at preventing this waste mismanagement.

Effective elimination of odors

It’s important to remember that there are pros and cons to wastewater treatment plants. While most Americans are happy to have a treatment plant in their area, they may not be so happy to have one next door.

This is because of odors. Wastewater treatment plants have traditionally been associated with bad odors, although this is a myth that Chemtech’s products are designed to dispel. Bio-Block achieves the reliable reduction of odors.

Why is this so beneficial?

The local community isn’t going to be very happy if you are producing unpleasant odors from your facility. These odors can also represent a public health risk.

Better BOD/COD removal

Bio-Block’s naturally occurring bacteria is specifically chosen for its effectiveness in reducing biochemical oxygen debt (BOD) and chemical oxygen debt (COD) in wastewater.

This is one of the key advantages of a biological wastewater treatment like Bio-Block. Chemical imbalances and contamination are avoided with natural solutions like Bio-Block.

Why is this so beneficial?

BOD and COD are directly related to how much oxygen the water will need to draw from its surroundings when it enters a new environment. The aim of treatment is to ensure that the water can be safely released into the nearby area or recycled. This won’t be the case if BOD/COD is too high or if there are chemical additives and residues in the water.

A Versatile and Reliable Chemtech Product 

Bio-Block helps municipal and industrial wastewater management professionals achieve a wealth of advantages. This also benefits the local community and environment, leading to a more harmonious set of circumstances. This versatile solution can be used on a wide range of different contaminant types and across many different applications. Check out our Chemtech product spec sheet to learn more, or reach out to our team directly with any questions.