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Hazardous materials are widely used in industry in America. It goes without saying that these materials are dangerous, and pose serious risks to the people that work with them. However, by following a few golden rules, you and your team can work to minimize risks, and to ensure a safe, effective and positive working environment.

Before You Begin

Safety begins long before any hazardous materials have been picked up. The right habits need to be encouraged and fostered right from the beginning.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Comprehensive training is vital for any organization who deal with hazardous materials. Foster an environment in which each team member can trust their colleagues and vice versa, and secure safety across the board.

Introduce a Collaborative Approach to Safety

Experts advise introducing a collaborative atmosphere by asking team members to submit their own safety tips and protocols. This creates a feeling of ownership, and makes it more likely that everyone will accept responsibility for safety in the workplace.

Get Used to Checking Labelling and Documentation

Checking labelling and documentation should become an automatic function. Work to develop this habit.

During Handling

It is during the handling of the hazardous materials that team members must exercise the most care and attention. Following these golden rules will help to ensure a high level of safety.

Never Eat or Drink During Handling

Wait until after handling has ceased, and after all safety procedures have taken place, before eating or drinking anything.

Use Materials Only for their Intended Purpose

Even materials that you or your team are used to handling can become dangerous if used incorrectly. Always be sure only to use hazardous materials for their intended purpose.

Use Designated Safety Equipment

Never be complacent when it comes to handling hazardous materials. Instead, always be sure to use the correct safety equipment, as outlined in your safety briefings.


It is important to stay aware and careful even after the procedure is complete. Workplace safety requires a comprehensive approach, covering the entire process from start to finish.

Put Everything Back Where it Belongs

After completing the procedure, it is vital to carefully put everything back in the correct containers and storage units. This should be covered in the training and supported by instructional signs and literature.

Maintain a Tidy and Safe Working Environment

As well as putting everything back in the right place, ensure that the working environment is clean, tidy and safe for the next user. Much of workplace safety is down to forming the correct habits, and tidiness and diligence are two of the most positive.

Report Anything Untoward

It is important to remember that safety is everyone’s responsibility, not just the person who is handling the hazardous materials directly at any given point.

By taking these golden rules into account, and by working to ensure their widespread adoption across your workplace, safety is not difficult to achieve. For more information on hazardous material safety, or to discover more about the hazardous material safety equipment Chemtech can provide, get in touch with a member of our team today.