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Running a processing or pharmaceutical facility usually means working with lots of delicate vials that can break or shatter easily. In order to properly manage your facility, you need to find quality vial loading trays that can keep these vials secure as you move and store them around your facility and beyond. The latest vial loading trays are more cost-effective and durable than their predecessors. Find out what you should look for in a vial loading tray to keep your facility operating with maximum efficiency.

Diverse Applications

Vial loading trays can be used for a wide variety of storage, transportation, and handling applications. Depending on the nature of your facility, it may be helpful to find vial loading trays that can be used to store or transport a variety of containers in a range of sizes. You might find yourself working with different kinds of vials and storage containers, so this added versatility may come in handy down the road. The tray should also be able to withstand a wide range of temperatures and storage environments.  Not all vial loading trays are equipped to handle environments ranging from -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C). Take a moment to learn about a product’s storage recommendations before making a purchase.

Ease of Access

Your loading tray should also make loading new vials in and out a breeze. Ideally, the loading tray will have three sides to keep the vials secure, with a removable gate that slides in and out of place. This makes it easier to add or remove vials during processing. Your facility staff members will be able to complete their work with more accuracy and ease when using trays that make it easy to load in new vials. Otherwise, loading in new vials might be a multi-step process because the staff member will need both hands free to open and close the loading tray.

Cost-Effective and Long-Lasting

FRP Composite tends to be the best choice for vial loading trays. It doesn’t corrode or dent like metal containers. FRP Composite is also durable enough to last the test of time, ensuring that your processing facility won’t need to replace your vial loading tray months or years down line. You can achieve all your storage and transportation needs without having to buy the same product over and over again, helping your facility stay under budget.

FDA Approved

All vial loading trays will also need to conform to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, including the regulations laid out in Title 21 C 176.170 for handling and storing materials that are meant to be ingested by the public. This ensures that your facility meets all government regulations and requirements when it comes to processing and manufacturing pharmaceuticals. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fine or face legal challenges. It also helps to find a reputable pharmaceutical processing supplies company that complies with these regulations.

If you’re looking to purchase quality vial loading trays for your processing facility, visit us at Chemtech International for the best manufacturing products.