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If your business handles or transports oil or other hazardous materials, you need to take proper precautions to ensure that these materials do not come into direct contact with your employees or the environment. If some of these materials were to leak into the environment, it would have a severely negative impact on the health of the area’s plant and animal life, with effects that could last years, if not decades. That’s why it’s so important to use sustainable and durable storage solutions when dealing with hazardous materials. Learn more about what kinds of storage solutions your company should use when handling and transporting oil and other hazardous materials.

Following EPA Protocol

The EPA has put together a list of storage and transportation considerations for businesses that deal with hazardous materials. To begin, your company will need to register with the EPA, as the agency is responsible for keeping track of all hazardous waste transporters in the country. You should also spend some time reading through the agency’s requirements for handling hazardous waste and how to dispose of it properly. Be sure to educate your team members on these policies and find handling and transportation materials that meet the EPA’s requirements.

Strength and Durability

When choosing handling and transportation materials, you’ll need to choose products that are strong and durable enough to protect both your employees and the environment. These materials also need to last a significant period of time if they’re going to be a good investment for your business. Plastic tends to be the strongest, most resilient storage material. It’s lightweight and cost-effective, without sacrificing quality and control. Unlike wood, metal, and other types of storage materials, plastic is resistant to chemical corrosion and can endure extreme changes in temperature.

Versatility for a Wide Range of Uses

Depending on the nature of your business, it might be helpful to find storage containers that can be used for a variety of purposes. Your company should be able to sanitize the storage containers and reuse them over again without the quality of the container diminishing or becoming compromised over time. Again, plastic tends to be the best choice when it comes to versatility, as you can clean plastic easily without cross contaminating your materials.

Collapsible and Easily Transportable

If you’re like most companies, you want to make the most of the space in your manufacturing plant or warehouse. While your storage containers need to be large enough to handle high volumes of hazardous materials, they shouldn’t take up unnecessary space when not in use. They should be fully collapsible or stackable, so you can store or deploy them with ease. You will waste valuable real estate if a large section of your facility is being used to store empty storage containers.

If you’re looking for strong, durable storage materials for handling and transporting hazardous waste, turn to Chemtech International for a range of hazardous materials handling products for your business. All our products are designed to meet the EPA’s standards when it comes to handling materials that pose a threat to your employees and the environment.