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Test strips? Drops? Self-filling ampoule? Before making your buying decision, here are some things you should know about the technologies behind water analysis systems so you can select the best water testing kit to meet all your water analysis needs.

Water testing kits have traditionally used drops and mixing methods or test strips. These technologies, however, are not the most cost-effective choices in the market, and they also do not provide the most accurate results.

The leading manufacturer of water testing kits CHEMetrics has invented a special self-filling ampoule that is vacuumed sealed, with the testing reagent inside. Unlike conventional water analysis kits where sample measurement and reagent preparation are required, with CHEMetrics water test kits you simply place the ampoule into the sample, and the vacuum will automatically and precisely pull the correct amount into the ampoule for mixing. No measurements or mixing needed. “Snap the tip” of the ampule and you can obtain accurate, reliable results in under two minutes.

Because of its unique ability to draw the precise amount of sample needed for testing, CHEMetrics water test kits significantly reduce potential operator errors. With drops and solutions, there is a high chance for operator errors since extra drops of sample or water can be added by accident. Test strips are convenient and easy to use, but they are not as accurate as conventional test kits, and not all municipalities or government regulators accept test strip data for submission.

CHEMetrics knows the safety of your technicians is important to you. The sophisticated technology of self-filling ampoule and pre-formulated, vacuum sealed reagent eliminates all handling of chemicals and samples by your personnel, which significantly minimizes the direct contact with chemicals or liquids compared to other water testing systems in the market.

Whether in the laboratory or in the field, convenience is a must. Packaged with everything you need for water testing, CHEMetrics kits are extremely portable and easy to use. Simply take out an ampoule, collect the water sample, and you are done with running your test. With CHEMetrics, one kit is all you need to bring with you onsite. You no longer need to carry multiple cases full of chemicals, samples, and instruments like with other water analysis systems.

CHEMetrics kits undergo strict and rigorous testing and inspection to ensure the highest level of product quality and accuracy. Simplicity, ease of use, and dependability are the real beauty of CHEMetrics water analysis system.

With over 20 years of experience, Chemtech is one of the world’s largest distributors of CHEMetrics water testing kits. We are dedicated to providing top customer service and support, competitive pricing, and international shipping options to meet all your water analysis needs.

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