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Since 1992, Chemtech International Inc. has been an exclusive distributor of Molded Fiber Glass Co., U.S.A. (MFG) soft gel capsule drying trays, and is a Supplier of Choice for many domestic and global customers in the chemical, electronics and semi-conductor, food processing, and pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our MFG composite trays are made from a proprietary fiberglass blend, making our trays stronger and more durable for maximum performance and value.

Specifically Designed

Gel capsule drying trays are specifically designed for drying and curing of soft gels. Due to the high moisture content, gel capsules are extremely soft and vulnerable to sticking and marking after encapsulation.

Faster Drying

MFG gel capsule drying trays feature drop sides and/or ends for improved air flow for faster, more thorough drying. The smooth composite surface completely eliminates hot spots to prevent marking and sticking. The contoured edges and rounded corners also stop moisture or residue from accumulating, to prevent contamination and marking.

Easy Stacking

Unlike plastic or metal trays, the durability that results from the composite construction of MFG gel capsule drying trays allows for easy stacking under heavy loads without distorting and warping. The secure grip of MFG gel capsule drying trays provides easy lifting with no sharp edges, ensuring the safety of your workers is protected.


Our MFG gel capsule drying trays are extremely dynamic and may be used continuously in temperatures ranging from -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C). With its smooth, non-porous surface, MFG gel capsule drying trays can be readily cleaned with standard washers.

Conformed to FDA Guidelines

MFG gel capsule drying trays are manufactured with the most sophisticated technologies and highest grade materials on the market today. All our MFG gel capsule drying trays undergo strict quality control procedures to maintain high performance quality and to meet FDA Title 21 C 176.170 regulations. Four tray colors and optional dollies are available for easy inventorying, identification, and transportation to any work areas.

MFG Vial Trays

mfg-vial-trays-header MFG Vial Trays
  • Constructed from autoclave, ETO, lyophilization and gamma sterilization safe material
  • Manufactured to withstand automated handling
  • Stackable trays available in several depths and widths
  • Conforms to FDA Regulation Title 21 CFR 177.2420
  • Temperature range continuous -60° to 250° F
  • Special formulations available for temperatures between 300° and 400° F
  • Tapered front lip for easy loading
  • Heavy duty dolly available
    • Polypropylene for normal use in temps less than 180° F
    • Polycarbonate or stainless steel for temps exceeding 180° F

MFG Vial Trays

Model No. Description Top Outside Dimensions (L x W x H) Inside Stack Height (Clearance) Inside Height w/Extension Lid
inches mm inches mm inches mm inches mm inches mm
229008 Tray with Gate 22 ¾ 578 14 ⅜ 365 3 ⅞ 98 3 ½ 89 4 &frac110; 90
229108 Tray with Gate 22 ¾ 578 14 ⅜ 365 8 203 7 ⅝ 194 8 ½ 194
229118 Extension Lid 23 584 14 ⅞ 377 1 ½ 37 ⅘ 21
231008 Tray with Gate 20 ¼ 514 12 ¾ 324 2 ⅝ 67 2 ½ 64
233008 Tray with Gate 20 ¼ 514 12 ¾ 324 4 ⅝ 117 4 ½ 114
234008 Tray with Gate 14 ¾ 375 14 ¾ 375 2 ¾ 70 2 ¾ 70
807008 Flat Lid for 231008 and 233008 18 ½ 470 12 ½ 31 ¼ 7
236008 NEW Vial Tray with Gate 14 &frac910; 380 9 &frac310; 230 3 76 2 ⅗ 67 3 ⅘ 96
236118 NEW Extension Lid for 236008 15 ⅕ 386 9 &frac310; 237 1 ½ 38 &frac910; 23

How to care for fiberglass trays and containers:

Protect your investment with these simple tips:

  • Wash before use and dry thoroughly before storing/stacking
  • All products are easily cleaned in any standard or commercial washer (high temp, chemical or steam)
  • If products need to be washed by hand, they can withstand detergents and soap agents. Recommend using Lime-A-Way for water spots or build up.  Rinse thoroughly before use
  • To prevent staining, wash within 1 hour of use
  • If the product needs scraped to remove the buildup; it is best to use plastic utensils or a Scotch Brite non-scratch pad; do not strike trays on hard surfaces
  • Do not use harsh abrasives such as scouring powder, steel wool or metal scouring pads
  • Do not expose products to direct flame

“Our partnership with Chemtech goes back over 10 years.  The reliability, durability and quality of the soft gel drying trays we purchase from Chemtech is our high priority.  Our interactions with Neel and his team are immediate and responsive, providing excellent customer service as well as superior solutions to meet our ongoing production needs”.

Sean Weaks, COO Aspire Pharmaceuticals
default MFG Vial Trays

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