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Softgel manufacturing needs reliable solutions that optimize the production process. Some solutions, like softgel encapsulation technology, are highly sophisticated. Others are a little simpler — but no less critical to softgel capsule manufacturers. The MFG Deep Storage Tray is one of these solutions.

Understanding the MFG Deep Storage Tray

To learn more about what the MFG Deep Storage Tray is all about, let’s start by looking at its origin — the company that produces this tray for the softgel manufacturing market.

What Is MFG?

MFG stands for Molded Fiber Glass — and this is one of the leading manufacturers of fiberglass products in both the domestic and the global markets. With decades’ worth of pedigree, MFG has become one of the best-respected names in the industry and is renowned for its highly reliable reinforced polyester composites. The company is perhaps most famous for its glass-reinforced composite products, delivering extra strength and reliability.

Within the MFG family of companies, you’ll find MFG Tray. This is the MFG division responsible for delivering pharmaceutical trays to the world, including the softgel capsule drying trays that so many of our customers rely on. With their proprietary materials and methods, MFG rightly takes its place at the pinnacle of this industry.

Introducing the MFG Deep Storage Tray

The Deep Storage Tray is the larger version of the MFG’s typical softgel capsule drying tray, or its general pharmaceutical tray if you prefer. As you might imagine, this product is made from the same high-quality reinforced composite material as MFG’s other trays but is built to different specifications, giving it a far deeper design.

This additional volume helps to provide extra protection to the contents. At the same time, the stackability and resilience of the product are both retained. If your organization has very particular needs when it comes to softgel drying, and you feel your softgel manufacturing operation would benefit from a deeper product, this might be the option for you.

Benefits of MFG Trays

What are the benefits of these trays to softgel capsule manufacturers? Take a look.

Designed to Be Robust and Reliable Across a Range of Environments

One of the major benefits of MFG trays in general is the material used in their construction. These trays are built using glass-reinforced composite, which makes them highly resistant to a range of different environmental conditions, many of which are common in the softgel encapsulation industry.

The Deep Storage MFG tray is resistant to extreme temperatures, which makes it suitable for autoclave and lyophilization (freeze drying) applications. In addition, the material can withstand the extreme conditions of Ethylene Oxide (EtO) treatment and gamma sterilization.

The tray’s surfaces are also able to resist mild acids and alkalis which sit a few points above and below neutral. This is another important aspect of their resilience.

Stackable Configuration

A softgel tray is almost never used in isolation. Instead, it needs to be deployed alongside other trays within your space, optimizing the way in which your working area is used.

The MFG Deep Tray is well suited to this. Firstly, the depth of the solution means softgels have more protection when they are placed on the floor of the tray — nothing will come into contact with the softgels. Secondly, the tray features a stackable design, so multiple MFG Deep Trays can be placed on top of one another. This is crucial, as it allows teams to save space within the facility, storing softgel caps in a vertical configuration as well as a horizontal one.

Of course, the stacking capability needs to be robust. Your business can’t afford to lose valuable softgel caps to damage or contamination. With this in mind, the Deep Trays are designed to lock together to form sturdy towers resistant to collapse.

Easy to Clean and Easy to Maintain

The composite is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to a smooth, non-porous surface that can be swiftly wiped down. The MFG material enjoys key advantages over more traditional metal and plastic tray options. As the MFG is corrosion resistant, it is far easier to take care of than a metal tray in the long run, while the reinforced composite aspect makes the tray more resistant to damage and cracking than a plastic model.

All of this helps you achieve a sterile environment for storing softgel caps prior to packing. Eliminating contamination and achieving reliable quality control are vital steps in the softgel process, and MFG Deep Trays are designed to help you do this.

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio and Stability

The reinforced glass composite is designed to provide an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. This means the trays remain lightweight and easy to manage but retain high levels of strength and toughness. The trays can resist impact far better than metal or plastic trays, so cracking and denting are avoided.

This is particularly important for softgel capsule manufacturers who need to handle batches at large volumes. These teams will need to handle lots of trays at the same time, so they need to limit the weight of these trays without compromising on strength and durability.

A Product Designed With Longevity in Mind

Softgel capsule trays are relatively inexpensive solutions, but when you need to buy these products at a high volume, the cost really begins to stack up. Businesses have budgets to attend to, and they don’t want to be replacing these trays on a regular basis due to warping or cracking.

Everything about the MFG Deep Tray is designed with longevity in mind. The product resists corrosion and warping and has a high load-bearing threshold and strength-to-weight ratio. This is a tray you can rely on to stand the test of time.

Easy Portability

We’ve already mentioned that these trays are lightweight and easy to move around from location to location. However, when large numbers of these trays are stacked together, you may still need a solution that will help your teams to move them in a safe and reliable way.

MFG products are designed to be compatible with heavy-duty dolly products. This means whole stacks of MFG trays can be moved from location to location efficiently, without putting the health and safety of personnel at risk.

Find the MFG Deep Storage Tray in Our Range

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