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Does your company use disinfectants or other chemicals during your manufacturing process? If so, you are required to eliminate traces of those chemicals in your product.

We get it. You want to make sure that the packaging for your beverages and foods is free from any contaminant.  That’s why you use only the best disinfectants to sterilize your packages. Yet contamination is always a concern and you need to make sure your disinfection protocols are both effective and that you have in place controls to measure the disinfectant effectiveness.

That’s where we come in. Packaging material and machinery may be sterilized with a hydrogen peroxide solution before the packing process.  At CHEMetrics, we can provide you with Hydrogen Peroxide test kits and others that can serve as your method of choice to measure trace levels of the disinfectant that you are using in your food & beverage manufacturing /packaging plant.  With the help of our test kits, you can control and measure the effectiveness of your aseptic/disinfectant SOP so that the products your customers receive are pure goodness—free of any harmful chemicals.

Don’t take a chance on the very thing you use to make your products safe for consumers becoming itself a source of contamination. Here’s why it’s so important to rid your products of all impurities:

Protect Your Cartons and Bottles

You’ve sterilized the cartons and bottles into which you pour your product. Before you pat yourself on the back for a job well done, take a moment to test those cartons and bottles to confirm that the sterilization process was completed and traces of the disinfectant on the final product meet critical residual concentration limits prior to shipment.

Protect Your Packaging

You design your packaging to create a sterile environment for your product, whether it’s bottled water, juice, or beer.  Your customers depend on you for purity. Of course, you find the best disinfectants you can find to rid the packaging of any trace of germs.

What you may not know, though, is that traces of those disinfectants can linger on your products’ packaging. Your post-packaging tests may miss those contaminants, since they test only for microorganisms that may cause waterborne or other diseases.

What you need is a test to control and monitor your disinfectant pre- and post-packaging to ensure a germ-free product leaves your plant.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Don’t let a consumer be the first to discover that your product contains trace levels of sanitizing chemicals or other hazardous substances. That kind of bad publicity travels fast—and can put a huge dent in your profits when other consumers stop using your product. Instead, test your product and your packaging before you send it out so that your company can grow in both quality and in profit.

Protect Yourself from Legal Liability

If a customer finds traces of a dangerous chemical in one of your products, your company could be on the hook for millions of dollars in damages. When you test for these contaminants before the products leave your facility, however, you’ll have an extra layer of protection against lawsuits.

Protect Your Life’s Work with CHEMetrics Test Kits

To protect your products from accidental contamination, you need to find an effective, and inexpensive method to test your product and its packaging, as well as your facility’s wastewater. You can depend on CHEMetrics’ easy and efficient test kits. Here’s why:

  • No mixing or measuring
  • No need to use messy or dangerous chemicals
  • The kit is pre-measured in a self-filling ampule
  • Widely trusted and used throughout the food and beverage industry
  • Major beverage firms worldwide use our ozone testing method with success
  • Outstanding customer service and support

Make sure to test your product, your packaging, and your wastewater for the presence of chemicals to avoid costly lawsuits and bad publicity. Protect yourself and your customers from contaminated products. Explore the benefits of CHEMetrics test kits for your company to save time and money, and to enjoy peace of mind.

To discover more about how CHEMetrics test kits can help your company thrive in the competitive food and beverage business, contact Chemtech International today.