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Pollution control has come a long way over the past several decades. New oil and hazardous materials containment products help companies, and even the U.S. government, properly manage their operations without negatively impacting the surrounding environment. These new spill containment products are lighter, easier to deploy, and more cost-effective than the products companies used to rely on in past years. Learn more about pollution control in 2018 and the latest advancements in oil containment.

Seamans XR-5 Fabric

The latest generation of spill containment products are now made with Seamans XR-5 fabric. It is durable and has vast chemical resistance.   It was specially designed to help individuals contain and manage toxic chemicals such as acids, oils, hydrocarbons, and other hazardous materials. It also features better UV protection and low thermal contraction and expansion for more quality control. This material can last the test of time, helping companies save money on their spill containment supplies.

Easier to Deploy

New products are also easier to deploy compared to what was used several generations, or even just a few years, ago. The materials used to make these products are lighter than ever before, making it easier to transport and setup a spill container. The inflatable material can be laid out on the ground in a matter of minutes, reducing the amount of setup necessary to safely handle and transport hazardous materials. What are known as Throw ‘n Go Berms allow companies to simply unfold their spill containment product, drive up and unload their hazardous materials, and then fold the spill containment product back up again.

Built-in Traction

These new products are designed to hold up against heavy machines, trucks, and other large transportation vehicles. They come with built-in traction liners that protect the product from damage and everyday wear and tear. Trucks and vehicles can simply drive on top of the spill containment material, unload their hazardous materials and drive away again without damaging the containment material in any way. They are extremely durable and difficult to penetrate, making them far superior than previously used oil containment products.

Foldable Spill Containment Solutions

These spill containment products are completely foldable, so companies and facility managers don’t have to worry about their containment materials taking up too much room in their facility. These products are extremely compact and easy to store. Unlike traditional berms that can take up dozens of square feet, the latest spill containment products can fit onto a shelf and deploy in just a few minutes. Facility managers can keep their spill containment products close by at all times to help them prevent a leak. They can also make better use of the space in their facilities by not having to store overly large storage containers and spill guards.

If you are looking for high-quality spill containment berms for your facility, contact the professionals at Chemtech International and place your order today! Almost all of our products are made with Seamans XR-5 or we can substitute for another high-quality material if needed.