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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Water Testing Kits From Chemtech

If water analysis is part of you job, you very likely struggle with mixing and measuring messy solutions as part of your water testing process.

You may be paying too much for testing kits that produce unreliable results.

And if you need help and support from the manufacturer, you can’t figure out who to contact.

Did you know that Chemtech International has over 20 years of experience in the marketing and distribution of water test kits? We are also one of the largest International distributors for the leading water testing kits from CHEMetrics.

And after talking to many of our customers, many who are just like you, we have identified these 6 reasons why you should consider using Chemtech for your water testing needs.

  1. No Messy Solutions

We provide self-filling reagent ampoules from CHEMetrics. The simple snap-and-read test kits actually have a lower cost per test than the versions you may be using now. You can also measure them using the easy-to-read instrumentation, or visually by color comparison, for more than 45 tests in under 2 minutes

  1. No Mixing And No Measuring

No one wants to hassle with samples, reagent preparation, lots of steps and a big mess at the end. With CHEMetrics, you have no mixing, and no measuring. You simply immerse the ampoule in the sample, snap the tip, and quickly obtain dependable results.

  1. Accurate Results

The problem with mixing and measuring and samples is that they can lead to operator error that produces inaccurate results. CHEMetrics eliminates these steps, all while saving you time and money. In addition, our water testing kits include vacuum-sealing, which helps you avoid inaccurate results from stale or unstable reagents.

  1. Safety

No mixing, measuring, sampling or handling reagent is not just easier, cheaper and more reliable, it helps protects the operator from handling and exposure to harmful chemicals. With our unit dose of pre-formulated reagent sealed in glass, direct contact with chemicals is minimized.

  1. Portable, Disposable, & Refillable.

CHEMetrics’ products are compact and highly portable, making them ideal for fast, dependable analysis in the lab or in the field for up to 30 tests. When your test is completed, no special disposal is required. And refill packs of 30 ampoules are always available with a single telephone call.

  1. You can count on Chemtech customer service.

For over 30 years, we built our business and our reputation based on serving our customers’ needs. We will always be here for expert, prompt, and courteous support.

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