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While Sherwood’s valves make up the bulk of the company’s product range, there is more to it than this. To support these valves, Sherwood offers a variety of parts and accessories, giving professional technicians and facility managers everything they need to build their industrial gas setup. Read on to discover more about these parts and accessories.

An Important Disclaimer

Sherwood valves are built with safety and security in mind, and all products meet the necessary standards of accreditation in the American market. However, compressed and industrial gases can still be highly dangerous and must be handled with care. All installation, operation, maintenance, replacement, and general management of Sherwood’s valve products should be carried out by a trained and licensed professional — failure to do so can put life and property at risk. If in doubt, consult a professional, and make sure operations involving industrial gases are never carried out by unqualified individuals and teams.

Pin Adapters and Pin Locking Tools

Pin adapters enable compatibility between different types of Sherwood valve products and specific kinds of gas cylinders. Each adapter is designed and rated for a designated form of industrial gas and a particular connection size. All of this information is displayed clearly in order to make the process simple and straightforward for trained technicians. Retractable pin models are also available within the Sherwood valve accessory range.

With a pin locking tool, trained operators can evacuate or fill gas cylinders according to their requirements. Again, each tool is rated according to the type of gas being used and the size of the cylinder connection.

Some models will require a wrench during installation and removal. Wrenches of specific sizes can be found within the Sherwood valve range and are sold separately to the adapter and locker kits. You can find more information on these torquing products below, in the Wrenches section.

Fusible Plugs

Sherwood cylinder valves may require fusible plugs that achieve a safe and secure seal. Sherwood provides a range of these plugs, each rated for use with a specific type of industrial gas setup.

One example is the 5853T fusible plug, designed for use within chlorine gas systems. This plug is manufactured using brass, with an alloy that fuses at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Other products are available for other types of gas systems, such as Sherwood oxygen valves. Check the rating and size of the fusible plug you use before deploying within your system.

Flex Connectors

Flex connectors provide a bit more agility and capability to your setup. These flexible pipe sections are constructed with zinc-plated copper for maximum reliability and longevity and can be positioned in any way your system requires without inhibiting flow or causing damage to the structure.

As Sherwood provides various valve products, each with its own configuration, they also offer different compatible connectors. Some flex connector packs come with CGA 660 connector nuts, making them suitable for applications where there is no yoke connection. This adds even more capability and potential as you build your industrial gas system.

Yokes and Yoke Adapters

Valves can be connected to other key components within the system using a yoke mounting. This yoke sits in place on top of the valve and is clamped into position, creating a safe and reliable connection between components. However, an adapter may be required to create the connection, as well as a gasket to provide a robust seal.

It is advisable to work exclusively with yokes and yoke mountings that are designed with Sherwood valves in mind. The Sherwood range delivers a number of yoke mounting and housing products, constructed from forged steel for maximum stability and reliability. Moldings are plated with a zinc coating, resisting corrosion and helping to achieve longer-term operational viability.

To support their range of yokes and to facilitate reliable connections, Sherwood provides different yoke adapters and associated gaskets. Each of these adapters and gaskets is rated for use with a particular valve model within the range. Ratings are clearly displayed so that you and your team know which yoke adapters and gaskets you will need for your specific valve setup.

Bear in mind that Sherwood delivers products that cover the broad industrial gas spectrum. This means different yokes and adapters may be rated for use with different gases — for example, chlorine yokes and adapters will be rated for use with Sherwood chlorine gas valves. Verify that you are using the correct model before installation.


Many of the valves in the Sherwood valve collection are not fitted with a built-in cap or handle for opening and closing. Instead, these handle-less valves require a wrench, which will enable you to apply the torquing force needed to operate easily.

It is not recommended to use standard issue wrenches to open and close these valves. As typical wrenches are not designed for use with Sherwood valves, this practice may cause damage to the valve itself, particularly over longer periods of usage. Damaged valves could result in a health and safety hazard and will need to be replaced in what can be an expensive project.

Sherwood offers specially designed yoke wrenches, each rated for a specific type of valve within the Sherwood valve range. For instance, if you are working with a 1210/1214 or 1210A/1214A chlorine valve, you’ll need a corresponding wrench. Many of these wrenches feature a twisted shaft construction for optimal opening and closing capability. Straight shaft models are also available.

Explore the Sherwood Valve Range of Parts and Accessories

The Sherwood valve range is intended to provide facility managers and business owners with everything they need to handle industrial gas in a safe and controlled manner. Whether Sherwood valves are used with cylinder products or are built into a wall outlet system, they deliver the same high-quality results — as long technicians pay attention to product ratings and sizes.

Find what you need when you explore the Sherwood valve range of products here at Chemtech. Reach out to our team to discover more.