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Softgel manufacturers in the USA found themselves experiencing increased demand for their products during the pandemic, as the softgel technologies helped Americans to receive the medications and supplements they needed. But what comes next? How are changing perceptions influencing the market?

We’re looking at this in a bit more detail in our latest article, examining how American views of healthcare and well-being have shifted after COVID-19. We’ll also be exploring how this could result in further demand increases in the coming years. Read on to learn more.

Changes to Perception of Health and Well-Being

The COVID-19 pandemic changed many aspects of American society, but some of the most seismic shifts can be found in our perception of health, healthcare, and well-being in general. But how exactly have these perceptions shifted?

Attitudes to Hygiene

Before the pandemic came along, most of us were pretty set in our ways when it came to hygiene. The majority of us — around two-thirds — bathed at least once a day or after heavy exercise. We washed our hands after using the bathroom or before eating. We used tissue if we had a runny nose, and we were aware of sneezing or coughing in public spaces. We still generally do all this, but the pandemic changed our fundamental perspective on hygiene.

Before COVID-19, we were pretty much okay with getting sick once a year, generally in the winter. Having a cold every year was not pleasant, but it was a reality for most of us. Having the flu every few years was even worse, but again, this was something we dealt with. We were encouraged to come in to work even if we were under the weather, and this kind of sacrifice was prized in society.

Since COVID-19, it’s been a little different. We are maybe less likely to treat these regular bouts of illness as inevitable, and maybe we’ll take steps to avoid this — wearing masks if we believe we are at risk of getting ill and washing our hands and surfaces more thoroughly. Publications like The AtlanticThe New York Times, and The Cut outlined numerous instances of this changed perception during the pandemic, and this is something we have carried over into the post-pandemic period.

Focus on Immunity

Natural immunity became something of a battleground during the pandemic. Some argued that our natural immunity meant restrictions and personal protective equipment were unnecessary, while others believed that measures were needed to protect ourselves alongside these immune responses. Whichever side the debate you found yourself on, you probably agreed on this: immunity is important.

We’ve always understood the importance of immunity, but this seems to have been dragged into focus in the post-pandemic phase. During the pandemic, softgel manufacturers in the USA, along with other producers in the well-being sector, reported that sales of immunity supplements soared. Even though it is not permitted to market these supplements, which often depend on softgel technologies, as medical products, it seems that many individuals were still keen to take any measures they could to keep their immunity strong. This is likely to continue over the coming years.

Pivoting to Digital Healthcare and Well-Being Assistance

The World Economic Forum identified a number of developments in the post-COVID-19 healthcare space. One of the most important was increased access to healthcare and support, as individuals opted to go online rather than visit doctors and medical professionals. Telehealth and digital solutions give patients almost unprecedented access to healthcare and well-being assistance, which may have long-reaching implications.

More than 50% of Americans said they had connected with professional medical advice via some kind of virtual link, with 89% reporting a satisfying experience. Of those who used digital healthcare services, around 75% said they would do so again in the future. By 2025, more than 87% of Americans are expected to have a smartphone device, so the technological foundation is certainly there to support this healthcare movement.

It’s not just direct medical advice that has become more accessible and more valuable to Americans. Around 40% of Americans said they would welcome customized advice and dietary plans that would help them to live generally healthier lives.

The Role of Softgels in the New Normal

How does this impact the softgel capsule supplier market? Well, first and foremost, increased awareness and understanding has a big role to play. The pandemic demonstrated how fragile human health can really be and how expensive, inconvenient, and even dangerous getting ill really is in America, where citizens rely on private funds and healthcare insurance for treatment. Immediately, this is putting softgel products and other forms of medication into the spotlight as Americans seek to take control over their health and well-being.

Immunity will continue to be a big part of this in the future. As we’ve noted above, softgel immunity supplements are not marketed as medications and cannot be provided as such. However, they are marketed as general aids for living healthier, happier, more robust lives. This may result in increased softgel production in order to meet the growing needs of Americans right across the country.

Softgel technologies come in lots of different types — some, as noted, are not classed as medication, while others are. Painkilling medication, for instance, might be delivered in softgel form, and we can expect this demand to rise too. This is because of the telehealth services listed above and the increasing popularity of digital healthcare solutions. If more Americans have access to diagnostic and prognostic services, they can get the prescriptions they need for medications, including softgel medications. This may further increase demand, supporting market surges for softgels over the coming years.

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