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Softgel technologies have revolutionized the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, but these technologies need solutions and equipment pieces to support them. Increasingly, softgel manufacturers and suppliers are turning to MFG drying trays to help them maximize throughput and keep costs down.

But what are these MFG trays exactly, and why are they proving so useful in these industries? Read on to learn more as we introduce this handy range of Chemtech products and explore some of the most important benefits to using these solutions.

Understanding MFG Softgel Cap Drying Trays

MFG trays are designed for the softgel industry, representing an important technological advance in this field. Rather than the plastic and metal trays that have been used in the pharmaceutical and biotech spaces for decades, these trays are constructed using composite fiber materials. In fact, MFG itself stands for multi-fiber glass.

This material is far more robust than stainless steel – which tends to dent – and plastic, which has a habit of cracking. It’s also more cost-effective than aluminum, making this an excellent choice for facility managers who handle softgels on a regular basis.

A Variety of Molded Fiber Glass Options

Here at Chemtech, we provide a range of different MFG drying trays to softgel suppliers and manufacturers. Take a look at some of the different product categories in our range.

MFG Gel Cap Drying Trays

MFG softgel cap drying trays are the foundation of our tray range. While these solutions are simple – offering a reliable medium for drying softgels during the production process – they are supremely reliable and highly versatile. Constructed using the molded fiberglass materials discussed above, these trays are built with a busy and fast-paced production environment in mind, saving your facility money across a range of industries.

MFG Deep Storage Trays

MFG deep storage trays build on the functionality of the gel cap drying tray, offering extra volume when specific processes require this. The depth of these trays is up to 6 inches, or 152 millimeters – more than double that of the standard-size tray. As well as the expanded dimensions, you can expect the same level of quality as you would with other MFG products and all the features that the range has become known for.

MFG Sterilization Trays

Sterilization is an important part of many pharmaceutical production and bio-engineering projects, as well as other processes. This involves exposing materials such as softgels to extreme environmental conditions, killing any pathogens that may cause serious issues with public health. Of course, the trays themselves need to stand up to these conditions, and this makes MFG sterilization trays very valuable indeed – these trays are designed to be compatible with autoclave, gamma radiation, or ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilization processes.

The Benefits of MFG Softgel Tray Technology

What kind of advantages do these softgel technologies provide to suppliers and manufacturers? We’ve compiled a list of some of the top benefits.

Specifically Designed for the Purpose

First and foremost, these softgel trays are exactly that – trays designed for softgel manufacturers and suppliers in the US market. This is a major bonus for facility managers, as it means they are working with solutions that are guaranteed as fit for purpose rather than having to make do with an improvised solution. Our range of MFG trays is compatible with existing manufacturing and processing equipment, achieving streamlined automation on the production line.

A Range of Engineering Innovations

These trays come fitted with a range of different engineering innovations intended to make the manufacturing process much easier for you and your teams. This includes slotted and unslotted deep storage containers to suit your needs and drop-end and drop-side trays to support efficient airflow across the softgel caps during drying.

Built for Facility Space Optimization

Even in larger facilities, space is finite. This means you need to be optimizing the way you use your facility, making use of all available rooms in the right way. The MFG trays are constructed with this in mind, utilizing an interlocked stacking mechanism to help you maximize the vertical configuration of your drying room setup. This locking design is secure and reliable, ensuring your facility and your personnel remain safe.

Regulatory Compliant

Softgel production is overseen by the Food and Drug Administration, and all businesses need to make sure they remain compliant with the regulations handed down by the FDA. The construction and design of the MFG softgel tray is confirmed as approved by the FDA under Regulation Title 21 CFR 177.2420.

Heavy-duty Reliability

We’ve talked about the problems with metal and plastic trays before – these trays have a habit of denting or cracking following impact or heavy loading and can also be the cause of other problems, such as corrosion or warping. The MFG material exhibits none of these negative traits, remaining strong and retaining its structural integrity even after long-term usage.

Resistant to Extreme Conditions

Some parts of the softgel production process involve the application of extreme environmental conditions, such as during sterilization. Models are available that can withstand gamma radiation and ETO sterilization – as discussed above – and even our standard trays can be deployed in temperatures ranging from -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C).

Easy to Take Care Of

The MFG material is smooth and non-porous, making cleaning and general maintenance easy. This is very different from plastic and metal trays, which can crack and corrode, leaving irregular surfaces that are difficult to take care of.

Supremely Portable

Individual MFG trays are designed to be easy to carry in a safe and secure manner. For moving stacks of trays from location to location within your facility, you can use the heavy-duty dolly available within our range of solutions.

Explore Our Range of MFG Softgel Trays

To learn more about the range of softgel technologies and solutions we have here at Chemtech, check out our product listings. If you have any questions or queries about what we provide, don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch.