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Facilities depend on analytic or instrumentation gases for accurate readings and measurements. This means they also depend on Sherwood Valve products, like oxygen and cylinder valves, to deliver the gas where it needs to be, supporting an effective gas system within the laboratory environment.

Read on to discover more about analytic and instrumentation gases and about how Sherwood Valve products achieve reliable delivery.

What are Analytic and Instrumentation Gases?

Analytic and instrumentation gases may take many different forms. This is not really a specific type of gas – rather a category of gases defined by their use cases and potential applications. Gases in this category are used in chemical analysis, assessing the make-up and composition of substances and mixtures, and in the maintenance and function of instruments found within a chemical laboratory. As such, analytic instrumentation gases are held to high standards of purity and reliability, and technicians require the right gas system and valve setup to achieve this.

Different Analytics and Instrumentation Gas Applications

Analytic and instrumentation gases can be applied in several different ways. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common examples.

Gases for Fueling and Oxidization

Many types of analyses require chemical reactions, which must be observable and measurable. An oxidization agent, or a fuel for burning, may be required for this.

Oxygen and hydrogen may be used as a fuel or oxidization gas, although other forms of analytic and instrumentation gases may also be deployed. The actual type of gas used will depend on the specifics of the project.

Gases for Carrying

Analytic and instrumentation gases are frequently used in gas/liquid chromatography. Chromatography is used to separate different components within a mixture according to specific attributes – i.e., their pH level, relative charge, or polarity. The mixture moves from a stable phase to a mobile phase, and separation occurs as the components distribute differently between the two phases. Analysts can then confirm the presence of a specific compound or element based on the expected distribution.

For this process to be successful, there must be a carrying gas – i.e., a gaseous substance that will shift the mixture from its stable phase to its mobile phase. Hydrogen is often used in this capacity, although helium and nitrogen have been used too.

Gases for Calibration

Analytic instruments need to be checked regularly to make sure they are working as they should. By conducting regular assessments and checks on their equipment, analysts can ensure they are getting the right results from their testing. To achieve this, they need to use calibration gases.

These calibration gases are used to check that instruments are operating according to manufacturer specifications. Any potential issues with the instrumentation are identified during the calibration phase, eliminating the risk of skewed results during testing and analysis. Calibration gases may come in a variety of different forms and may be mixtures of different gases, but all will adhere to international standards.

The Role of Sherwood Valves

Here at Chemtech, we stock Sherwood oxygen valves and other industrial gas valves designed to give our customers the solutions they need as they build and maintain their systems. These valves are well-suited to analytic and instrumentation gas applications for many different reasons, some of which are listed below.

Compatibility with High Purity Systems

Purity is one of the key attributes of an analytic and instrumentation gas. Fuel and oxidizing gases need to burn predictably and measurably, while carrying gases need to be free from contaminants that can impact chromatography results. Calibration gases, similarly, need to be highly pure so that instruments can be properly checked and assessed. All of this necessitates a system suitable for high-purity gases. Sherwood Valve products are designed with this in mind, achieving reliable purity standards on an ongoing basis.

Integration with Different Gas Sources

Sherwood Valve offers gas cylinder valves as well as products designed for integration with ton container output systems. Laboratory technicians and other professionals gain additional flexibility, using portable analytic and instrumentation gases where possible and switching to ton container gas systems when the project requires this. The aim is to ensure that customers have the right valve for their purposes, whatever the job entails.

Robust and Durable Materials and Construction

Analytic and instrumentation applications don’t generally involve the same rough handling and usage that might occur in other applications. Despite this, these systems are still designed for everyday usage, which means bumps, scrapes, and other impacts are possible. Teams need robust gas systems and valves to ensure that testing remains viable and dependable in the long term. Sherwood Valve products feature forged brass external casing, with chrome plating where required. Other internal and external components are manufactured from nickel, aluminum, and steel and constructed according to high quality-assurance standards to achieve a product that stands the test of time.

Affordable and Reliable Solutions

The manufacturing process for Sherwood Valve products utilizes state-of-the-art technology alongside automated processes and protocols that achieve consistent standardization for each valve. This succeeds in reducing the cost of the valve product without compromising on its performance and reliability. Exceptional levels of safety and quality are achieved on every product, providing peace of mind for the end user.

Regulatory Compliance

Sherwood Valve products meet a broad range of different regulatory and industry standards. These include the standards devised and implemented by the Compressed Gas Association and the Chlorine Institute, as well as Underwriters Laboratories. Sherwood’s products also adhere to all relevant FDA, OSHA, and U.S. Government Military specifications. This means analysts and laboratory personnel can depend on high levels of reliability and impeccable health and safety when they work with these valves.

Find the Valve You Need in Our Range

Explore our range of Sherwood Valve products, and find the cylinder valves, oxygen valves, and any other gas solutions you might need. Reach out to our team to learn more about the products we provide for our customers.